U.S. states that are expected to legalize recreational weed in 2020

Published Mar 21, 2020 09:00 a.m. ET
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Federal marijuana legalization in the United States of America may be just a matter of time before it is realized. Perhaps 2020 is the year that the whole country will be on board with states where weed is legal.

Currently, cannabis used for medical reasons is legal in 33 states. There are additionally thirteen states that have decriminalized cannabis, but recreational use is only presently legal in eleven states. The number of people that are standing up and openly speaking and using cannabis makes one wonder, which states in 2020 will become a state where weed is legal and cannabis friendly.

States where weed is legal

The billion-dollar cannabis industry in America is being watched.  The legality of adult-use recreational cannabis in America is down to a handful of states that have not joined the green pastures of cannabis. Some of those states that may be greener in 2020 include:

  • Vermont
    The state House of Representatives is expected to follow the Vermont Senate and give their blessing to a commercial sales program.

  • New Jersey
    Will be voting on a ballot that addresses the legality of adult consumption of cannabis this November.

  • New York
    Governor Cuomo has this issue as a top priority again this year. The barriers are still there and include coming to agreements as to where revenues from the cannabis industry should be delegated to. Cuomo also wants to ensure the communities of colour that they, too, will benefit from the legality of this law.

  • Connecticut
    Ned Lamont predicted last year that his state would legalize adult use of cannabis. He joined Cuomo in developing a regional approach. The state is feeling the effects of Massachusett's 420 million-dollar sales in the first year.

  • New Mexico
    Although legislation on the legality of cannabis failed in this state last year, it is budding forward with a governor’s legalization advisory group. The group will set the mood for an agreed-upon approach for 2020.

  • South Dakota
    Medical marijuana and recreational marijuana legality will be on the same bill for the first time in a state. The state Department of Revenue would be the determining agent in licensing and providing a mandate that would put in place enough licenses that illicit marketing would have no space in this state.

  • Arizona
    An initiative named the Smart and Safe Arizona will find itself represented at the forefront in Arizona ballot boxes. This initiative would allow those of legal age, 21 or older, to legally be in the position to possess, cultivate and transfer, and use cannabis. The instituting of a 16% excise tax on cannabis will be utilized in funding that will be allocated to assist with public safety, infrastructure, public health, and community programs.

  • Montana
    The New Approach Montana activist group filed a couple of cannabis legalization initiatives. One is a constitutional initiative. Twenty-one would be the legal age for people to be able to consume cannabis. The second initiative would see a system set in place for regulation and taxing of cannabis commerce.

  • However, it is interesting to note that not one U.S. state has legalized the adult use of recreational cannabis before the use of medical cannabis.

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