Types of people who buy marijuana?

Published Mar 12, 2019 09:33 a.m. ET

Connoisseurs: They know their way around cannabis culture. The connoisseur will enjoy trying many and all types of cannabis. Varieties are the name of the day for the connoisseur the more strains to experience the better. This group is usually a recreational user of cannabis.

The creative-minded person

Sativa strains of cannabis seem to encourage creative artists'juices to flow. The consumption of marijuana has given some artists the spirit to produce deeply expressive work. Marijuana to creative minded people is like coffee to the average body.


The partaking of a form of cannabis is no longer such a taboo. Enjoying a particular strain is now being compared to having a glass of your favorite wine while curled up relaxing. After the parental duties of the day are winding down and the children are put to bed this target market group enjoys their cannabis.


There will always be a market for the inquisitive. The enthusiastic people who what to try this talked about legal substance. The questioning feelings around the effects that are felt when using cannabis will always need to be answered. The more that the inquisitive mind asks questions the more that the cannabis culture is experienced and promoted. The legalization of cannabis in more places screams the need for information to be provided for all aspects of cannabis use.



Those born in the 1980sto the early 2000s have seen a vast amount of technology develop in their lifetime and use social media to promote and encourage the use of marijuana. This generation has delved into the different modes of consumption that have been utilized during and going forward for their time. Social media advertising is more natural to this generation than probably any other group.


Many recreational marijuana smokers are labeled stoners. This group could and perhaps should be the foundation or rock of the cannabis industry. A stoner is a frequent flyer so to speak. The group usually includes teenagers and adolescents who face stress and turbulence and choose cannabis to aid with some of the negative symptoms of adolescent life. Stoners keep the market of cannabis going. This group of recreational users typically invite the newbie into the cannabis culture and subsequently the marijuana market.

Medicinal cannabis users

This group may turn out to be the fastest growing sector in the market for marijuana. Medical marijuana use is on the rise. Ailments like cancer, chronic pain, arthritis, MS, etc. can be alleviated with the use of medical marijuana. This group does not use marijuana for the recreational effects that this plant can produce. CBD oil products derived from the marijuana plant are being prescribed for medical conditions at increasing rates.  The lack of side-effects compared to pharmaceutical drugs is far more acceptable to the patient. Changing marijuana laws and legalization are encouraging more medical marijuana users to attempt growing their own medicine. Medicinal growers are another branch of medical marijuana users promoting cannabis culture and business companies.

The above is just a few of the different kinds of people who buy marijuana. These groups are an advertiser’s dream and should be monitored in the future. There are more groups of cannabis users I’m sure, but I believe that those mentioned above are the biggest market groups for companies to target and advertise to. We can only hope this will soon be the case, as then we, the general public will get more specialized and useful products. The cannabis industry can only continue to grow. The benefits for the consumer are paramount to the success of companies seeking marijuana consumers’ business.



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