Two High Times magazines have suspended publication due to COVID-19

Published Apr 23, 2020 09:00 a.m. ET
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If your information source for cannabis and its wonders has been through the publication of Dope Magazine or Culture Magazine, then you will now need to access them, for the time being, through another source. COVID-19 has claimed another victim, as High Times publications have temporarily suspended two cannabis print magazines.  However, the hope is for a full recovery in the very near future.

Why we want news and information

Times have changed with the COVID-19 virus surrounding us. No longer does it seem to be a safe and conscious way for business to be conducted through distribution methods that could contribute to the spread of germs. Consumers and employees are putting themselves in the path of danger. The close contact involved in the transactions through the delivery of the print is not advisable and could be deadly.

High Times magazines are choosing to be healthy, safe, and conscious by suspending the popular publications for the unseen future and times when the health conditions that COVID-19 brings with it.

Consumers and avid High Times Magazine readers are hoping that rumors are not valid, but a reliable source has been quoted as saying that the Culture and Dope magazines will be ending their circulation permanently. However, true or not, a spokesperson for the magazine has denied this reiterating that only Culture and Dope are affected at this time with temporarily ceasing circulation.

Current situations

High Time Magazine for April is on the shelves, and the magazine has been printing and providing cannabis content since 1974. A spokesperson for the magazine publication will continue in the months to come. Currently, you can still purchase a subscription to the widespread publication of the High Times magazine. COVID-19 has managed to change the progression of many businesses.


Today, High Times Holdings is no different, as they, too, have felt the spreading clutches of this deadly virus. High Times has seen several significant changes, the addition of Culture and Dope in 2018, and the very recent acquiring of Humboldt Heritage. All of this leading to the announcement of High Times launching two flagship dispensaries located in Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

What’s ahead for High Times publications post COVID-19

The stay at home orders that are in place due to the COVID-19 virus may be around for some time. The lay off of six workers from the magazine publications included an 18-year employee and long-time editor Danny Danko. Does this indicate a permanent change in the way business is going forward for this entity?

Let’s take a look at how the downsizing of the employees of the Seattle based DOPE offices was handled in comparison.  The employees were fired. The company says, however, that the plan going forward is to return all of the furloughed employees back to work. The COVID-19 virus has put things on hold, but hopefully moving forward as the world returns to normal, so will the publications and new endeavours from High Times Holdings.

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