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Published Apr 18, 2021 11:00 a.m. ET
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Since there isn’t a whole lot that most of us can do in person, virtual events are coming together to help us to celebrate 4/20. This is unlike any year prior where local traditions held steadfast because they were easily accessible. Now it’s easy to partake in 420 celebrations scattered across online platforms that are available with just a few clicks of a button from anywhere in the world. So, if you’re looking for fun things to do online, then you’re in luck; the only problem might be having to pick just one.

1. The Cannect

Cost: Free

The Cannect is offering a 4/20 virtual party from 3pm-5pm, complete with a talented live DJ, entertainment, guest speakers, giveaways, and a bunch of weed-related prizes that will be up for grabs. If you’ve got an internet connection and any connection to cannabis, you’re sure to enjoy the party. Though there are many upscale celebrations, this is one that is most dedicated to meeting the needs of the average stoner, and it’s also one of the most affordable.

Where to register: This event might be free to attend, but you’ll still need to complete online registration prior to the festival through Eventbrite.

2. Virtual Puff, Sip and Paint Co

Cost: Free

The Happy Trees Virtual Puff, Sip & Paint session will go live on April 20th. With several timeslots available to book, you can sign up to either sip or puff to your heart's content while recreating or simply taking in the process of a classic Happy Trees painting. This online event is suited to the average consumer from beginner to expert, and it offers an educational portion too, where speakers will discuss all things cannabis. Just make sure to sign up early if you want to receive your Happy Trees Paint Kit in time to partake.

Where to register: Registration for this 420 party is through Eventbrite

3. 420 Virtual Smoke Sesh & Convention Live from Jersey

Cost: $80 per ticket

On Tuesday, April 20th, from 9am to 10pm, cannabis enthusiasts are invited to join the 420 Virtual Smoke Sesh & Convention, which will air live from Jersey. Here attendees will have the pleasure of viewing live presentations from several speakers, as well as industry leaders, and there will, of course, also be access to vendors with a special side of speed networking opportunities, including both B2B and B2C clients.

Where to buy tickets: Eventbrite

4. 2nd Annual 420 Virtual Stoner Feast

Cost: $6.94 - $12.24 per ticket

On 4/20 from 4pm-8pm, the second Annual Virtual Stoner Feast will go live with
one of this year's most affordable virtual events. This was one of the most widely praised virtual events last year, and this lineup of vendors, speakers, games, contests and more is even more on point. This year's celebration will be hosted by none other than the CEO of Mahogany Stylez, and it will be an experience to suit all different types of cannabis enthusiasts. Whether you’re a grower, toker, dabber, or you prefer the occasional edible, as long as you love weed, this will be a great virtual place to spend this 420.

Where to buy tickets: Eventbrite

5. Farmers Cup

Cost: $250 per entry

The Farmers Cup is typically an in-person event, but this year organizers were able to shift to a virtual platform to bring growers together safely. Included in the festivities will be 420 judges to select the winners of 8 separate contest categories. This 4/20, from 7:10pm-8:30pm participants will also have the option to take advantage of high-quality lab testing at a discounted rate, a rare opportunity that can show cultivators exactly what’s in their most prized cannabis samples.

Where to buy tickets: Event Hi

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