Traveling with weed in Canada

Published Jan 25, 2019 04:31 p.m. ET

 If your travel plans are to stay in Canada, you may legally carry up to 30 grams of marijuana. Medical marijuana users that are traveling within Canada for under 30 days may fly with their cannabis. Ergo, you can bring weed on a domestic flight but only with a medical license.

You will be limited to carrying a maximum of 150 grams. This should be enough for a month supply. I can not stress enough stay within limits, or your supply could be confiscated. The restriction of limiting liquids to under 100 ml apply to your tinctures, this may inhibit your monthly supply.

Can I bring weed on to a plane in Canada?

Medical marijuana is classed as a prescription medication. Therefore, an airline can not force you to put your medicine in your checked baggage. I suggest you keep it in your hand luggage. You don’t want any trouble with the dogs sniffing your medicine in your checked baggage. You must be prepared to show the proper medical documentation when asked.  It is suggested that you bring your Health Canada Registration Certificate and don’t forget to bring proof of purchase from a licensed provider, it is a good idea also to bring the original packaging.  This would help avoid hassle at the screening station. Before the legalization Oct 17, 2018, the protocol was to call a police officer at the airport to verify your documentation. This still occurs at some airports. I would suggest arriving a little early to avoid missing your flight. Try to keep your cannabis and their products like your pipe etc. clean you don’t want them smelling. If you have grown your weed, you obviously won't have an LP receipt make sure you carry with you your  Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Registration Certificate.

The CATSA permits you to travel with any form of cannabis, that means your tincture, oils, edibles, and topicals. Edibles are allowed so long as carrying them you abide by the rules that apply when traveling with any food. It is a good idea to check with the airline's regulations concerning travelling with, food.


Traveling with medical marijuana internationally is difficult. If you do not have an export license,it is illegal to carry cannabis outside of Canada’s borders. This applies even if the American state or international country you are traveling to allow recreational cannabis.  I suggest you wait and purchase your herb when you arrive from a legal store.   Make sure that the state you are traveling to the has legalized recreational herb, may I suggest calling ahead?

Canadian patients often do not qualify for medical marijuana in other countries as they are not a registered resident.

Here are a few tips

If you are thinking of flying internationally with herb, don’t do it, wait till you reach your destination and purchase there. Check before you leave for your destination if you can buy weed at their dispensaries or if you are out of luck due to not having a local medicinal card.



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