Top 5 cannabis podcasts to check out in 2022

Published Jul 10, 2022 09:00 a.m. ET
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It’s tough to sift through the hundreds of cannabis podcasts out there to find only the best bud talks on topics that are interesting, educational and entertaining. Anyone can be a podcaster these days, but only a select few hosts deliver on the promise to provide engaging content that’s always fresh. That’s why here, we’re going to highlight five of the best cannabis podcasts we’ve enjoyed over this last year by spilling all the good details and what you can find and where.

Stay elevated, enlightened, and always in the loop with these five top-notch cannabis podcasts, and you’ll never be left disappointed again.

1. The Green Room

We couldn’t have a list of cannabis podcasts without covering Cannabis Wiki’s very own, The Green Room, with social media influencer and award-winning author Jacqui Childs and CEO of Cannabis Wiki, Derrick Berney. This duo is entrenched in the industry, with roots that run deep in both the culture and legal industry, bringing some of the most educational and eye-opening cannabis subjects to the table to explore. You can find these cannabis podcasts on YouTube, right here on our website, and across several social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram.

2. Grow Bud Yourself! Danny Danko

This podcast is hosted by none other than Danny Danko, a former High Times Magazine senior editor and expert on all things cultivation. With a focus on the basics and extensive coverage on everything from automation and grow tents and lights to tips and tricks, you’ll find it all right here by tuning into Grow Bud Yourself!

3. Joint Ventures

Ben Miner, stand-up comedian and host of Joint Ventures, takes listeners through a multitude of engaging cannabis conversations with a variety of guests and experts. Tune in as Ben chats with CEOs, comedians, celebrities, advocates, and more, to uncover different perspectives, products, consumption habits, companies, and more. All things cannabis, with a touch of laughs, and you’ll find this podcast weekly on Sirius XFM Radio.


4. The Brave New Weed Podcast

It’s full of high-minded conversations surrounding legalizations past, present and future. Whether you’re hoping to learn all about the big names in weed, positions of politicians, or authors, scientists, and advocates who are working to continue to advance cannabis as an artform, medicine, and recreational choice, you’ll find all that and more by tuning in to The Brave New Weed Podcast.

5. Hi Carlen

Carlen Costa, aka the Everyday Goddess, is a Clinical Sexologist, Registered Psychotherapist, and host of this amazing cannabis podcast and live call-in show, where listeners can discover all there is to know about sex, love, relationships, mental wellness, and the integral role that this beautiful plant can play in helping to improve it all. Intimate speaks between the sheets, hot tips on toys and products, and everything in between can be found right here, on Hi Carlen, produced by Cannabis Wiki.

Have you discovered a fantastic cannabis podcast? If so, share the details down below! We’re always looking for the latest and greatest names in the game to honour and celebrate.

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