Top 5 cannabis photographers of 2020

Published Aug 20, 2020 11:00 a.m. ET
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Has your passion always been with the click of the camera lens? Do you thrill at the images that you can produce? Cannabis is a fabulous subject to photograph, and it’s appreciated more and more people recognize the beauty this plant holds. Now is the time for your career to reach a high note with the lens's click and put green in your pocket too.

The value of this title

Does the title photographer say everything about you, or are you better explained by the title, Professional Photographer of Cannabis? Today the market for photography involving cannabis is budding. There is a high need for a professional photographer to work within most cannabis spaces. Photography involving those that work in dispensaries those that have a cannabis plant show off, and harvest is in high demand. The legal cannabis industry is relatively new, and as such, people want to know all about it. What better way to experience the journey of cannabis than through the lens of a camera?

Who does the best job?

  1. Bess Byers

This Seattle based professional photographer who goes by the name Cannabess is also a digital marketer. She has roots in the cannabis plant dating back to 2015. She has insight into all aspects of the plant. Having worked in a Washington cannabis space, she transitioned from growing weed to working in a marketing role. As a freelance professional photographer, she saw her niche, and since then, she has been able to turn a profit from her photography, but she is most adamant about advocating for the legalization of the plant.

  1. Kristen Angelo

She is the founder and cannabis professional photographer of the brand A Pot Farmers Daughter, where she has been documenting the cannabis growth journey since 2014. Her photography has been published by Cannabis Now, Dope, Marijuana Venture, MG Culture and Sungrower & Greenhouse, to name just a few of the industry magazines and media outlets. Her photography brilliance is also available on Weedmaps. Women Photograph is the international organization of female documentary photographers, and Redux Pictures provides access to her work.

  1. Erik Christiansen

Say hello to the founder of this video, photograph, and design company Nugshots. His 360-degree hyper zoom and macro photography, showcase the beautiful cannabis plant. His photography has found a green path that includes pictures of over 150 different strains accompanied by descriptive and informative information.

  1. Dab Cat

If it is the pristine shot of trichomes laden on the cannabis plant that you are looking for, Dab Cat photography is where you need to be. The up-close and almost unreal photographs that he produces will stop your breath. The intimate viewing of the trichomes, which is home to most of the cannabinoids is breathtaking beyond belief. He also includes the flower wax and crumbles in his portfolio of green.

  1. Randi

Her principal cannabis photography is aimed at reducing the negative stigma surrounding the plant. Her ambition and goal is to rid the stigma attached to the plant through photography education. She continually snaps cannabis pests, concentrates, and sun-grown strains, and if you like her work, you can look into purchasing a shirt with a unique Randi cannabis shot.

Final thoughts

Photography is one way that we can hold on to the past, visually. Many great photographers have captured images of the cannabis plant in different stages. The above list is just a few photographers who have caught people's eyes by displaying what the consumers want most, which is captivating artwork.

What you should if youre interested in cannabis plant photography


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