Top 5 Benefits of Cannabis Beverages

Published May 9, 2023 11:53 a.m. ET
Source: Jacob Lund/Canva

Discreet, Fast-Acting, Predictable Buzz, No THC Taste, Dynamic Flavour Combinations

Make Way for Cannabis Beverages

One of the most exciting categories to take off in recent years is cannabis drinks. The potential to seriously disrupt other entrenched beverages is clear and we are only a few years in. The benefits of having a canna-drink over other cannabis delivery systems like a vape or a bong are becoming more widely appreciated. In this article we are going to round up the Top 5 Benefits of Cannabis Beverages, buckle up!

Are you drinking a craft soda or an infused craft soda?

Not every location is appropriate to fire up a joint or bong. With cannabis beverages you can get a predictable buzz without everyone knowing your business. Sadly, we still live in a time where responsible cannabis use isn’t normalized, and some people judge consumption. At the same time, given strict norms around smoking in general, there aren’t that many spaces where it’s cool to smoke or vape cannabis either. Thankfully cannabis beverages can be a discreet way to enjoy some THC.

Edibles can take a while to kick in

Edibles, whether sweet or savoury, can take up to 90 minutes (or longer) to feel the buzz. If you’re planning to hang out and watch Dazed and Confused, then it’s all good to play the edible waiting game. However, if you’re out and about or heading to a social gathering you want to remove the time delay, cannabis beverages can reveal the high in far less time without the guesswork of “I don’t feel anything yet”.

How much THC is in each serving?

Whether you’re an experienced blazer or a new consumer you’ll want to know exactly how much THC is in each drink. No denying cannabis is wonderful, but it does require responsible consumption. Edibles or beverages impact everyone differently and can last longer than smoking a joint. The best part of legal cannabis in Canada is that you can get lab verified exact dosage to avoid over consumption. If you’re a long-time consumer, you’ll want to know that you’re getting the highest legal limit too.

Source: CannabisWiki

Does it taste like a bale of hay or an ultimate soda flavour?

THC can sometimes come with an unpleasant, bitter taste. One of the benefits of cannabis beverages is that they can be manufactured with taste in mind. There are terpene profiles in cannabis that smell absolutely delicious. However, when it comes to edibles many of these sweet smells give way to a weedy, danky snack when eaten versus smoked. Grabbing a cannabis beverage that has flavourless THC means you taste the drink and nothing else.

It would be incomplete not to acknowledge that Zèle (a CannabisWiki favourite) stands out from other cannabis beverages due to its exceptional taste. While most cannabis beverages have failed in the taste department, Zèle leads the pack by utilising a flavourless THC process, making it an excellent choice for those who prefer a more enjoyable consumption experience.


Beyond desserts and sweets

Unlike edibles which can often come in chocolate, chocolate or chocolate, cannabis beverages allow consumers to experience a wide variety of flavour profiles. There’s a time and a place for brownies and other infused desserts for sure. With the introduction of beverages that use natural ingredients, we can enjoy cannabis beverages that have dynamic flavour profiles.

In conclusion: Cannabis beverages are here to stay

Discreet, Fast-Acting, Predictable Buzz, No THC Taste, Dynamic Flavour Combinations

The benefits of cannabis beverages are too numerous to be ignored. It’s great that consumers have a variety of consumption methods to choose from and there are some specific settings and situations that make beverages the go-to. Cannabis beverages are discreet, you can consume them without leaving a trail of aroma behind you. Unlike other edibles that can take 90-minutes or more to hit, beverages are fast-acting and have a predictable buzz. There are also options that don't have that “weedy” taste that some edibles can have. Finally, we can enjoy dynamic flavour profiles that extend beyond dessert.

Product Recommendation

Zèle is one of our fave cannabis beverages any day of the week. It checks all the boxes from its discreet look, THC efficacy, numerous flavour choices and most of all, the great taste. Zèle sodas have all the kick of full-spectrum cannabis without any of the aroma or bitter aftertaste. Their products contain 10mg of THC, the legal limit for cannabis beverages in Canada. Check them out here to learn more.



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