Top 10 professions that are most likely to indulge in cannabis

Published Jan 15, 2021 01:00 p.m. ET
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We’ve all wondered whether or not there is a surefire way to tell if someone smokes a little green in their downtime. It’s something that would surely come in handy when we’re on the lookout for friends or our next hook up, but it’s not so easy to make this kind of guess about a person. So many are quiet about their consumption and opinion on the topic that sometimes it can feel like we’re all alone, but one survey showed that this isn’t the case and that if you work in specific professions, you might even be surrounded by more stoners than you ever thought possible.

1. Food preparation and serving

Slinging burgers, waiting on tables, and slaving over hot stoves are challenging jobs, even though it’s also some of the lowest paid out there. These are generally viewed as transitional positions. An in-between solution towards something better, so there are a lot of younger people who do it, and that might slightly influence the average number of these employees who admit to using cannabis. It’s also a popular gig among older, nearly retired individuals, and 32.2% of those in this profession enjoy a toke.

2. Arts, design, sports, entertainment, and media

These are quite glamorous, fast-paced gigs, and some of them lead to injury, be it physical or mental, so people who work here are always in search of a little reprieve. They say that there is no place quite like the limelight, but the immense pressure and creativity demanded from this field might have something to do with this profession's place at number 2 on this list. According to the survey, 27.5% of those who work in any of these industries consume cannabis on a regular basis.

3. Production

Production is a term that encompasses quite a few different jobs, but in this case, those who answered the survey were mostly factory or line workers who complete repetitive tasks for hours on end. They might be sanding rough edges off of the same parts all day or hitting a button to press the same pieces together over and over again, a responsibility that is hard on the body and kind of boring, but it pays well. To cope with the stress of long hours and less stimulating jobs, somewhere around 20.8% of them turn to weed.

4. Life, physical and social science

Think social workers, personal trainers, physical trainers, nurses, doctors, counselors, and anyone else who works near one of these departments. These are the folks who make up category 4 on this list because quite a few of them enjoy a good buzz once in a while. It seems that those who are well versed in the science of the body and mind are more likely to recognize the benefits of cannabis, with approximately 20.6% of all those within this type of profession admitting to using the drug as a therapeutic aid.

5. Sales

If you’ve ever worked in sales, then you know that it’s an incredibly demanding job, and if you’re off your game at all, your pocket might pay the price because many of these positions are commission-based or supplemented. Quotas must be met because bills don’t pay themselves, but can you imagine how nerve-wracking it must be to have a chat with a person who may be the determining factor over whether or not you get paid? Knowing all of this, it really shouldn’t come as a surprise to find that 19.4% of those in this profession like to use cannabis.

6. Installation maintenance and repair


This is another pretty broad line of work that might involve anything from technology to flooring and car parts or even satellite dishes. These things must be installed, maintained, and repaired when necessary by a professional, and those guys seem to know all about weed. These positions tend to be filled by middle-aged men, which might be why it ranks slightly slower on the list, as we know that youth and elderly are far more likely to use cannabis. Still, in this survey, 19.1% said that they liked to use cannabis, and that’s a pretty significant number.

7. Personal care and service

Personal services include positions like dental hygienists, massage therapists, nail artists, hairdressers, and house cleaners. They do pretty much everything that other people don’t want to do for a price, and often they’re putting in a lot of hours each week. In this job, you have to deal with clients who may be unhappy, uneducated, or ungrateful for all that you do, and it can wear on the body and mind, but a fair number of them seem to find solace thanks to the benefits of cannabis, with 16.8% of participants in this profession admitting to consuming it.

8. Farming, fishing, and forestry

Farmers feed cities, and well, pretty much everyone else too, and while some of them are busy planting, fertilizing and harvesting, and processing goods for us to enjoy, they’re also getting high. The same holds true for many of those who work in the great outdoors, like the experts who diligently preserve our nature and landscapes. All of these professionals spend a great deal of time outdoors and connecting with the earth, which is why to some, it might come as a surprise that only 16.6% in this line of work utilize the all-natural benefits of cannabis.

9. Construction

Construction workers slave away under the hot sun all summer long to put up buildings and homes, build roads, erect signs, and so much more. This is a profession that takes dedication and, in many cases, physical strength, as the tasks these individuals deal with require heavy lifting of materials or tools to get each job done. It’s definitely not a line of work for the faint of heart, but there is some room here for cannabis enthusiasts. According to the survey linked above, 16.5% of those in construction use weed, a number that’s in line with farming, fishing, and forestry work.

10. Building/grounds cleaning and maintenance

Taking care of and cleaning up messes around large buildings or facilities is a full-time job, even under the best of circumstances, which is why those who work in this profession are always on the move. You’ve got to pay attention to the small details so that you can spot big issues before they become problematic, and it truly is an art of juggling. Though most would struggle to handle this kind of evolving agenda with a clear head, it seems that 15% of them like to either do it stoned or chose to wind down with some green during off-hours.

These numbers can really help you to visualize the true number of cannabis enthusiasts who surround us each and every day, and they can also help us to determine what fields might be best suited for those who thrive due to the many benefits of the plant. If you want to be surrounded by stoners at work, then you might want to get into fast food, the media, or retail, and anyone who’d prefer to steer clear, well, it’s probably best to pick a profession that isn’t found on this list.

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