Top 10 Café Press weed-themed Christmas ornaments of 2019

Published Nov 18, 2019 01:00 p.m. ET
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Last year all the chatter was about the Walmart marijuana Christmas tree that looked like a cute little pot plant rather than a traditional spruce. The internet went wild, and stores all over, both Canada and the United States, sold out long before the holiday arrived, proving that cannabis enthusiasts enjoy their own décor and that demand for such an item is at an all-time high.

Now that marijuana legalization is trending, more regions and people are welcoming the addition of loud and proud stoner gear and décor around their homes, and with Christmas right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to highlight some of the latest and greatest Christmas ornaments that celebrate the holiday with a unique twist on old favorites.

While you used to travel far and wide to find something so personal and cannabis-related, here you will find the perfect Christmas weed décor all in one place. Café Press helps to simplify the process of decorating your tree or finding a cool gift for the stoners in your life this holiday season, and everything is shipped right to your door, making shopping as fast as a click away.

1. Weed Holiday Tree Ornament

Cost: $11

Features: This round ornament boasts a bright green pot leaf decorated in Christmas lights and wearing a Santa hat.

2. Annual Deaths From Marijuana Ornament

Cost: $11

Features: This round Christmas ornament speaks only facts, with current death statistics of marijuana vs alcohol.

3. Pipe Smoking Santa Ornament

Cost: $9

Features: If you have ever wanted to see a pot-smoking Santa, then this is the Christmas ornament for you.

4. Hangin Out With My Buds Ornament

Cost: $11

Features: A clothing line with clipped cannabis bud flowers that are all dressed in cute little Christmas lights, boasting the block words that read “hangin with
my buds”.

5. Happiness Does Grow on Trees Ornament

Cost: $11

Features: This bright, white, round Christmas ornament is a tasteful statement in celebration of what for many is the first Christmas with legal weed.


6. Get Baked Gingerbread Man Ornament

Cost: $11

Features: For those who want a more comical designed Christmas ornament, there is the stoned gingerbread man who looks just like a real cookie, but who also appears to be oddly happy.

7. Mari Christmas Ornament

Cost: $11

Features: This round, bright, white ornament is bold, and what it lacks in color it makes up for in personality. With a simple Mari Christmas ornament that looks so traditional, the average person wouldn’t even notice that it is made with cannabis in mind, which makes it a perfect decoration for any family Christmas tree.

8. Meet Me Under the Mary Jane Ornament

Cost: $12

Features: This round, white Christmas ornament contains only one red pot leaf which stands out against the backdrop from afar, and on top of the leaf is a traditional Merry Christmas in red cursive writing.

9. Marijuana Leaf Rasta Colors Dripping Paint Ornament

Cost: $9

Features: If you seek a more artistic Christmas ornament, then look no further, as this one includes all of the traditional Rasta colors that are displayed through a beautiful dripping painted cannabis leaf against a jet black background.

10. Rainbow Peace Marijuana Leaf Ornament

Cost: $11

Features: For many, the holidays are a time of thanks and celebration of the peace that we feel at this time of year. This round Christmas ornament is perfect for anyone who truly feels love and harmony at this time of year, and the design is just as you might have guessed, some beautiful colorful marijuana leaves in the shape of a peace sign.

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