Tips on how to incorporate hemp into your work party plans this Christmas

Published Dec 21, 2019 10:00 a.m. ET
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Hemp Christmas parties are all the rage this year, and it’s the perfect opportunity to show off, but most people have no idea where to begin. All you really need to succeed is a few good ideas, and the rest is history. Even if your work party isn’t focused on the magic of this exciting plant, there are plenty of safe ways to incorporate this delightful species into your plans, thanks to its nearly non-existent THC levels, no one will be heading home while intoxicated.

1. Hemp oil

Hemp oil benefits range from boosting the immune system to increased energy and mood, and it can also help to encourage normal system regulation, which can help with reducing or enhancing appetite, digestion, blood sugar production, inflammation, and more. Now you might be thinking that it probably isn’t going to be barrels of fun to show up to your Christmas work party with a plain, old bottle of hemp oil in tow, but if you were to turn the powerful liquid into some delicious brownies or cupcakes, it can be a game-changer.

2. Hemp hearts

Hemp hearts can be found in almost every grocery or health food store these days, but it might take a bit of work to spot them. They are often located with the baking goods, but it’s also not unusual to come across health-boosting hemp hearts cereal right alongside Fruit Loops and Cheerios. Hemp hearts aren’t the most taste filled food, but most consumers compare their flavor to nuts, which makes them the perfect addition to cookies, cakes, granola snacks, or macaroons, so why not whip up something special for your coworkers this Christmas.

3. Hemp seeds

Hemp seeds are incredibly inexpensive, and they are filled with so much of nature’s goodness that once you try them out, it will be hard not to want to share them with everyone that you come across. They are jam-packed with vitamins, essential fatty acids, and proteins, which makes them an excellent addition to baked goods, smoothies, ice cream, and pretty much anything else that you can eat. In some cases, to save the texture of a recipe, it might be necessary to pick up a bag of finely ground hemp seeds powder, which is a cheap and effective way to give everyone the gift of health over the holidays.


4. Create hemp art

Some office Christmas parties are hosted at a venue that takes care of the entertainment for you by providing the tools. A couple of the most common choices are bowling alleys or upper scale bars/restaurants with pool tables or billiards to keep everyone busy for the evening. Those are still excellent ideas, but not every company has the budget for such an extravagant purchase. In these cases, getting crafty with some hemp seeds or leaves might just lead to the next world-famous piece of art being created. A pair of scissors, a bit of glue, and some paper is all you really need to get the ball rolling.

5. Hemp buds

Hemp oil benefits are amazing, but the pure hemp buds offer a unique sort of experience that cannot be replicated. That is especially true if you enjoy smoking cigarettes or cannabis but is stuck at a work party that might not be too accepting of the idea. Hemp buds can be rolled up into a big, tasty joint that will help to curb the cravings and make you feel more relaxed and invigorated, or they can be ground down and infused into butter to be made into system boosting hemp edibles that are easy to serve and 100% work party friendly.

Hemp, much like cannabis can be useful in so many ways, that there is no need to stick to this list alone, but if you are looking for reasonable places to start as a beginner, then these basic products can work as an excellent base for inspiration to go wild a little further down the line. Don’t be afraid to be different this year. Instead, go big and bring a sense of wellbeing to everyone that you work with through hemp this Christmas.

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