Tips, Do’s and Don’ts of the Marijuana vape

Published Aug 28, 2019 09:00 a.m. ET
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Since the legalization of marijuana in many states for recreational use, many people have found unique ways to consume marijuana. Consumption of marijuana includes smoking weed, vaping and eating cannabis infused food also known as edibles. In addition, cannabis many people use cannabis lotions and balms topically.

A vaporizer is a device that vaporizes the active compounds of cannabis and other herbs. However, a marijuana vaporizer or vape pen is used to vaporizes the compounds in marijuana.

Vaporization is one of the safest ways to consume medical cannabis and getting a marijuana vape pen can be very affordable. Vaping on the west coast have become very popular with the use of marijuana vaporizers, with emphasis on the blue dream strain vaporizer.

Getting to know a vaporizer

Firstly, there are two types of vaporizers available. These are the conduction and the convection. Convection vapes will release hot air into your botanicals and will allow a good flavour and potency. However, with a conduction vape, the herb is in contact with the heat, which heats the herb quicker. This type of vaporizer is inexpensive.

Tips on vaping cannabis

1. In vaporizing you will start with a vaporizer, which can be any of the two types mentioned above. You will also need a grinder to grind the herb as using a grinder allows the user to get the most out of the herb and will also prevent the herb from being overly heated or burned. It can also prevent uneven vaporization, resulting in the vapor having a better flavour. The vaporizer will also be able to work effectively in the future since the grinding ensures that it is not over clustered.

2. Temperature is another important aspect of vaporizing cannabis. If you want your hit to be more flavourful, then a lower temperature is recommended, of course, this all depends on how you prefer to hit your vape. A strong hit will give thicker vape, but it may not be as flavourful. Some vaporizers have adjustable temperature so you can experiment to see which temperature is preferred.

3. As it relates to using vape pens, its best to purchase a vape case for frequent travellers. A vape case is a worthwhile investment. It can be used to store your marijuana vape pen and IRS accessories such as brushes. Marijuana vape pens may break, so it is wise to take precautions and secure them for longer use. Also, there are smell proof vape cases which enables the user to vape without everyone smelling the cannabis.  If you are vaping in public, then a smell proof case may be necessary. Try to be familiar with the laws in your state to see where you are allowed to consume cannabis as many countries have laws restricting smoking in public places.

4. It is crucial that the vaporizer is in proper care. In order for the vape to be effective, the vape pen must be cleaned and maintained. Resin from the cannabis may remain in the vaporizer which will result in a sticky look because of the heat and so it is important to clean the chamber and the mouthpiece with a brush and alcohol if you want to get good vapor.

5. Additionally, you should not overpack or under pack the vaporizer. The amount of herb you will need to put in the vaporizer usually depends on the size of the vape chamber. If you under -pack the chamber, the vapor will be thinner, and if you overpack the chamber, the vapor will have difficulty transferring to the mouthpiece.

6. Do not take sharp draws on the vape. Relax and take a gentle draw. Too many draws can cause the airway to be blocked.

In conclusion, make a wise investment and purchase a good quality vaporizer that will last longer.


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