This farmer claims to feed cannabis to chickens to keep them healthy

Published Oct 8, 2020 09:00 a.m. ET
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Chickens and growing marijuana may have a great future together. If you enjoy being a backyard farmer who likes growing marijuana and raising chickens, you might want to keep reading. Cannabis can consume many nutrients, so keeping a small flock of chickens close by your cannabis plants will give your pot plants the needed nutrients for healthy growth.

What you feed your chickens is essential to the health of your flock, and cannabis is a healthy food choice. The excrement from the chickens can be turned into fertilizer for your pot plants. It’s the cycle of life. Feed your chickens, and what the chickens pass out is the growth material that can benefit your pot plants. Growing marijuana can be a perfect additive to your small garden backyard farm. Unfortunately, growing marijuana in Vietnam is illegal for humans or chicken feed.

One local Vietnamese farmer did not believe that he was doing anything wrong with his 300 illegal plants grown to feed his chickens. The police in the Mekong Delta region have perhaps heard the best reason ever for growing an illegal substance, chicken feed. The Vietnamese farmer who police have arrested stated that he was producing the pot plants for his chickens' health. The farmer believed that feeding his chickens cannabis would prevent his flock from getting sick, but he failed to convince the authorities.

Oranges and weed

The Mekong Delta area farmer planted his prized chicken feed in the middle of his orange grove. He was carefully tending his 300 plants when the police arrested him. The seeds that the 42-year-old farmer used for the pot plants came from a friend who knew the health benefit that the marijuana plants could give the chickens. When arrested, the farmer explained to the police that there would be no other reason for him to be growing marijuana. The plants were found in plastic pots and protected from harm or theft by a fence.The marijuana that was confiscated weighed 60kg.

Continuing investigation

As the investigation continues, the fate of the farmer is unknown.  Could the farmer face the same future as an Australian farmer who was charged with drug production after a feral pig on his property was munching on a marijuana plant?


Back in Vietnam

The farmer from the Mekong Delta area may have science and research to back him up when he goes to court to plead his case. Cannabis is currently being researched for a potential treatment for specific ailments within animals. Recently a zoo in Warsaw reported using CBD to ease a young elephant's depression and anxiety. Researchers in Texas are now looking at using CBD for inflammation and stress in horses.

It’s for the ladies

The Vietnamese farmer would be wise to continue the argument that cannabis was being grown for animal consumption instead of human consumption because this country has some of the strictest and harshest cannabis laws in the world. It is illegal to sell, produce, possess, or transport cannabis within Vietnam, and the penalty can range from fines for small cultivation and jail terms of six months to three years for growing 500 to 3,000 marijuana plants. If you are found to be cultivating even larger amounts, the jail sentence rises accordingly.

Could there be anything more inviting than an evening in the Mekong Delta area eating chicken that has been raised on marijuana?

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