The postal strike and the delivery of weed in Ontario

Published Jan 25, 2019 04:33 p.m. ET

 It’s funny that now weed is legal but those who order it from the government’s website, can’t get it. While it’s legal here in Ontario, the strike has put a real damper on my drug of choice. Postal workers are asking us to be patient. They tell us that the unbelievably high demand has created the typical wait times to be stretched.   The real question is what people are doing about it.  Some licensed producers were scrambling to get private delivery service in place prior to the strike — producers of medical marijuana estimate that tens of thousands of prescriptions are sent through the mail monthly

When will I get my weed from OCS?  

It seems that OCS, the Ontario Cannabis Store, has really dropped the ball. I'm sure that consumers will continue to experience extended waits for their marijuana deliveries. Canada post is the delivery of choice for the licensed producers as they can reach even the remote areas of Canada.  There is an added cost to the licensed producer’s alternative delivery methods, which at this time are not being passed on to the consumer. Consumers are asking themselves, “what am I going to do for my medicine?” Some consumers have thought that they may have to visit a dispensary even though they are illegal. There is a thought out there if they will be able to get their prescription,is it safe for them to visit these illegal dispensaries?  The longer that the strike goes on, the more stress there is on patients needing their medical marijuana.

One might wonder if this strike is a blessing for the black market as it exists today. Medicinal and recreational marijuana is legal and will be possessed and consumed however it is gotten.

The thought of some marijuana consumers is that it’s one step forward, and two steps pushed back. Regarding delivery and online purchases, they are legal but not attainable. Prior to Oct 17th, 2018, Postal Canada did not deliver my weed, and they don’t like today, I am still using marijuana for recreational purposes and will continue to, this is a common thought shared by all kinds of consumers.


Dispensaries in Ottawa have closed. They can not get their product, whether it be gummies or dry herb oil, it all comes from B.C. From any dispensary in Ontario, Canada Post is not delivering.

Health Canada is reminding consumers that the weed they purchase from some dispensaries is not regulated by them, so they could be unsafe.

Some of the dispensaries are still doing fine, however. It begs the question, where is the marijuana coming from if the dispensaries’ stock usually comes through Canada Post delivery. Questionable to say the least. Due to the Postal Strike, many questions are being bought forward.  It appears that ultimately you get what you need somehow. The means of obtaining cannabis has not changed even with the strike.

The Postal Strike has caused a roadblock in the way of us securing our weed today, but most marijuana users have found other ways to secure the herb. Hopefully, those that have their regular medicinal orders through licensed products have not been affected by the strike and have not fared any adverse effect of being delayed in the delivery of their medicine.



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