The perks of joining a local cannabis club

Published Nov 12, 2021 02:00 p.m. ET
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Now that it’s legal, we see an influx of all kinds of different cannabis businesses, and each one offers unique benefits and experiences for the enthusiast, but none are quite as personal or intimate as a good old-fashioned cannabis club. Of course, the services each location provides will differ from one to the next. Still, one thing will remain the same and it is the core benefits community members can receive from just stopping by once in a while.

1. Connection

Maybe you’re yet to meet friends who love cannabis just as much as you do, or perhaps you’d just like to expand that circle a little wider to include some fresh, new perspectives and faces, cannabis clubs might be the perfect place to start because they provide a gathering place for stoners of all sorts to mingle with like-minded individuals without pressure. Much like dating, finding a compatible group of enthusiasts is a challenge, but it’s so much easier in a place like this that’s built for making these kinds of life-changing connections.

2. Education

Being one with the culture and movement is absolutely incredible, but there’s nothing more valuable than education, and yes, that’s even true with cannabis. The more you know, the better you’ll be able to control and harness the many powers of cannabinoids, a skill that very few consumers have managed to master, and there is no more perfect place to get a cannabis education than from those who have first-hand experience. Whether you need growing tips or a lesson on edibles, you’re bound to find engaging topics covered at your local cannabis club.

3. Empowerment

After so many years spent hiding in the shadows, it’s really no surprise that so many consumers are still nervous about their substance of choice, and if we want to erase these feelings of shame, then we’ll need to normalize the decision, something that happens pretty quick in establishments like this. Once you’re surrounded by people who have experienced the same struggles with discrimination, who are all confident with their lifestyle choices, it makes it easier to shed that layer of protection that feeds into social anxieties.

4. A safe space

Have you got nosy neighbours, family members, or just nowhere quiet to go to indulge that’s away from the day-to-day stresses of life? Well, members of cannabis clubs definitely do, and this is where they go to escape because it’s safe. Cannabis clubs are all about supporting and defending the community as a whole, which is why they're so safe for those who attend. Whether you need to get out of the elements or just away from prying judgmental eyes, this could be the ideal place to do it.

5. Entertainment

Cannabis culture has always been deeply intertwined with the entertainment industry, so it should come as no surprise that it’s not uncommon to find some form of it available at cannabis clubs. Be it a live band, stand-up comedian, or a long list of video games and movies for your pleasure, you can almost always find something exciting going on here.

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