The perfect cannabis-themed jewelry for her this Christmas

Published Dec 9, 2019 01:00 p.m. ET
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The big day is nearly here, and so many of us are still racing to find the perfect gift for that special someone this Christmas. Some people are easy to buy for, but the average cannabis enthusiast might be harder to please than the rest, and that is especially true for the ladies, as most stoner merch is heavily geared towards men.

Luckily, you aren’t completely out of luck, as long as she likes a little sparkle and shine that celebrates the culture through a relatable image or meaning. To help get you started, we are highlighting five of the hottest cannabis-themed rings out there right here. Just don’t forget that you will need to figure out her ring size before you order, as some of the best options you’ll find here are not adjustable.

1. The Marijuana Leaf Wedding Band by Tungsten

Cost: $99

Give her the ultimate gift this Christmas when you surprise her with this gorgeous platinum and gold pot leaf wedding band. Whether you’re planning a future together, or just want to get her some really nice bling, this marijuana leaf charm is sure to make her smile, and it even comes with the option of a touching engraved message for free.

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2. The Cannabis Leaf Rhinestone by Orsa Jewels

Cost: $49

This pot leaf ring works for both men and women, as its flat base is less feminine and is a strong symbol of love for cannabis, with a set-in marijuana leaf surrounded by sparkling rhinestones. If you are looking for the perfect gift for the loud and proud stoner in your life, then this might be just the kind of accessory that you should be looking for, but ensure to act fast, as this discounted ring is no longer made, so once current stock sells out, there won’t be any future opportunity to grab one for this price.

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3. Sterling Silver Marijuana Leaf Ring by Dfine-jewelry-store

Cost: $159. 99


This one is only available to the Canadians out there, as right now the only verified vendors are on, but for those who can access this fantastic gift, it makes a perfect budget-friendly cannabis-themed jewelry accessory. It shines thanks to its pure sterling silver materials, which won’t cause a reaction for those with sensitive skin.

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4. The Hemp Resin Ring by Catherine Ann

Cost: $27.50

For the cannabis goddesses out there that prefer to keep things au naturel, this hemp resin ring might be the ideal Christmas gift. The best part about it is that the décor is not some hastily painted design, it is an epoxy that is set after being filled to the brim with all-natural cannabis plant materials and resins for color. Unfortunately, this is another one that is only available to Canadians, as
shipping cannabis-infused goods of any kind over state lines remain illegal.

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5. The Eternity Marijuana Leaf Ring by Factory Direct Jewelry

Cost: $26.51

This simple and elegant design is out to win the hearts of cannabis enthusiasts everywhere. It features two delicate silver pot leaf emblems that hug the finger in an infinity knot. Whether you are looking for a unique promise ring choice, or just want something super special for her this Christmas, the eternity marijuana leaf ring offers all of that and more.

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