The hottest pot leaf party essentials of 2019

Published Sep 23, 2019 11:00 a.m. ET
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Cannabis parties are quickly replacing the more traditional alcohol-fueled gatherings that were once a staple sight. Now that federal marijuana legalization has reached nearly all borders, there are a lot more consumers that would love to celebrate in style. Luckily, the love for this miraculous plant has deep roots that were well established long before prohibition ended, and we now have a massive selection of premade goods available by inspired artists and designers who are anxiously breaking into this market. Here you will find some of the coolest weed leaf party essentials that every cannabis party needs.

1. Pot leaf placemats by Manda Judd

Cost: $20 for 4
The one-piece of décor that is most often overlooked is the placemat, and despite their unpopular status, this addition would make the perfect backdrop for a delicious plate of weed cookies or a cannabis-infused meal. They are non-slip, heat resistant, dishwasher safe and perfect for any kind of marijuana-themed event.

2. Marijuana leaf metal plates by Wet Industry

Cost: $10 for 6
Though these gems are listed as disposables, rolling tray, party favors, they are also an ideal size for dinner plates. Choose from a one time purchase or monthly reduced price to save some money and always be prepared for a cannabis-themed party. These cardboard plates are beautifully designed with up-close shots of fully mature marijuana plants from rim to rim and are recyclable so you can save yourself the cleanup and do right by the environment.

3. Weed leaf, paper muffin cups by PJ Bold

Cost: $30 for 400
If you aren’t the one that is hosting the pot leaf party, then it can be difficult to find things to bring that are theme-related and not expensive piece of décor. These muffin cups come in massive packs so you can always have some ready and waiting for your next edibles creation, and at this affordable price, they also make awesome gifts for the host that will keep on giving for the rest of the year. With 4 colorful prints and colors included, there is sure to be something that will match your style for the evening.

4. Pot leaf 3-D table centerpiece by HaoLin


Cost: $25.99 each
Smoking weed tends to make the eyes more sensitive to bright lights, which is the reason why so many stoner events include darker rooms and black lights. One of the coolest cannabis party accessories fits right into that theme with 6 different color-changing effects that gleam through an 8-inch tall, 3-D marijuana leaf. The best part about this piece is that it doesn’t require a solid plug, as it holds eight batteries that will keep on going for 16 hours or more. Plenty enough time to light up a weed party and to last well into the following couple of nights as you reminisce about the incredible events from that day.

5. Marijuana leaf design tempered drinking glasses by Graphics and More

Cost: $37
These 16-ounce tempered drinking glasses are decorated with a tastefully elegant single marijuana leaf right in the center that stands out against a clear glass which makes for perfect access with lighter colored beverages. Tempered materials mean that it’s dishwasher safe and will hold up to many marijuana parties use and abuse as you entertain your friends with perfectly themed essentials.

6. Cannabis Canvas by wall26

Cost: $50
If you are a true marijuana enthusiast and plan to host many more parties that cater to others with a similar mindset, then it might be worth the investment for a major accent piece. This massive three-piece canvass is beautifully decorated with a collage of bright green cannabis leaves that are enough to brighten almost any room.

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