The Green Machine is the world’s first 100% hemp car

Published Nov 11, 2019 12:00 p.m. ET
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Cannabis has long been tainted with a grim perception, and despite its legal status across much of the world, it is taking some big and exciting endeavors to get everyone on board. Hemp, which is a strain of cannabis Sativa was also shunned by association, despite its differences and usefulness as a material that was once primed and ready to replace plastic.

Now that marijuana legalization is becoming a trend that cannot be stopped, more countries like the United States are altering legislation to allow for the growing of hemp plants and manufacturing of hemp-based goods, but building something as big as a car took some serious planning and exporting of materials. Even with hemp currently legal, Bruce Michael Dietzen, who resides in Florida had to ship just over 100 pounds of hemp fabric from China, as not a single producer in the country was equipped with the tools to make it.

Is this a new idea?

The inspiration for the creation of the ‘Green Machine’ came from all the way back in 1941 when Henry Ford built an earlier version using a combination of soybean and hemp materials. Unfortunately, Ford’s idea died thanks to prohibition, but Bruce was able to take some of the core ideas from the original and turn them into something that the world had never seen, a 100% hemp car.

Why use hemp to build a car?

This hemp car was made using just over 100 pounds of wound hemp materials, which are created with strong natural hemp fibers from the stem of the hemp plant. While plant materials might not sound like the strongest material choice, it comes with a few helpful features that are game-changers. The car’s body is up to 10 times more dent resistant than a steel equivalent, it’s rustproof, and it’s at least 3 times lighter than any other materials that are currently used to make the body of cars.

All about the Green Machine


The challenge of building the world’s first-ever hemp car didn’t come cheap, and it cost the inventor just over $200,000 to complete the design, which features a 100% biofuel system that runs off recycled waste from agriculture. It may not be completely emission-free, but it does create a much smaller carbon footprint than the traditional gasoline engine making it an excellent alternative that is most cost-effective and reliable than electric vehicles.

Are they for sale?

Chances are you won’t be seeing a hemp car anytime soon, as there are many vehicle manufacturing companies who are considering the idea, but none have signed on board. The public seems to be anxiously waiting for the exciting switch, and professionals are enjoying the buzz, but no one has taken that essential first step required to make hemp cars a premade option for the average driver.

Though that is disappointing news, there is still hope, as hemp becomes legal all over the world, and the manufacturing industry companies and investors get enough time to catch up to such a unique idea.

The first 100 hemp plane is a total success


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