The first ever Bongspiel weed curling event

Published Apr 5, 2019 11:31 a.m. ET

It’s the very first of its kind and the exciting result of one Canadian curling league who have chosen to utilize marijuana legalization to market towards a demographic that remains entirely un-catered to, Canadian cannabis consumers. Ever since marijuana products became legally available to the public through the government on October 17, 2019, many have been waiting to see pot-friendly events advertised that are like those that serve and endorse alcohol consumption. Unfortunately, there haven't been very many willing to touch on such a taboo choice for fear of association with something that many still feel should have remained illegal.

Luckily one group decided to take the plunge, and it turns out to have worked in their favor with tickets for the officially labelled Bongspiel weed curling event completely sold out within 48 hours of becoming available. It was an entirely packed house that night, and the leagues club is incredibly happy with the outcome which was meant as a fundraiser to improve their aging building. The Wiarton & District Club first heard the idea almost a year ago. They were shocked and struggled to figure out the logistics and legalities if anyone were to fall or leave the premises driving while under the influence. After many deliberations and meaningful conversations, the association ultimately agreed that cannabis is no different than beer which is already a major supporter of many Canadian curling leagues.

The Bongspiel curling event

The event sold well over 380 tickets to spectators and supporters bringing in thousands of dollars in much needed funding. It saw sixteen 4-person teams competing against one another in an all-day tournament. Ticket cost covered a free continental breakfast, lunch, and three course dinner with dessert along with entertainment like live bands and DJ’s who alternated throughout the day. Smoke breaks were not only allowed, but they were also encouraged to get everyone including players outside socializing and enjoying a little cannabis while still abiding by district laws. Decorations and posters were hung all with marijuana plant photos and easy to read rules for 420-friendly attendees. Though they couldn’t offer an indoor area to smoke in, there was plenty of comfy outdoor seating for visitors to enjoy while on break.

Will it return?

The association of the league has released a statement saying that they thoroughly enjoyed hosting this cannabis friendly event and hoped to make it a yearly and eventually at least monthly endeavor which will inject some much-needed interest and money into what was slowly becoming a dying sport. So yes, it looks like we will be seeing at least one more Bongspiel event by next year.

Curling is at its roots a Canadian sport so it just makes sense that it would be the first in the sports industry to encourage the consumption of cannabis and CBD products by their players and spectators. Thanks to the Bongspiel curling event precedence has been set going forward that will hopefully encourage other entertainment venues including sporting facilities to adopt more pot friendly policies or in the very least date specific events. So far Ratcliffe the owner of the club has said that his idea is spreading, with many local venues showing an interest in mirroring his event and asking questions about liabilities which indicates an overall positive acceptance from the entire community of the newly legal substance being used to raise money as long as it’s done right. Some potential venues are even investigating the potential to move up from a BROW (bring your weed) event to a full-service bar complete with budtenders on tap. The future is looking a little brighter every day for the recreational section of the cannabis industry.


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