The first Canadian marijuana golf course opening soon

Published Mar 26, 2019 11:15 a.m. ET
Fore or four-twenty what do you say at the golf course now?

In the latest marijuana news, Rolling Greens will become the first Cannabis friendly golf course in Canada. Though, the Lombard Glen in Smith Falls is turning greener as well.

Golfers will not be able to purchase cannabis at the golf course, but they can bring their own and enjoy a round of golf with a round of marijuana— perfect choice for a warm spring day.

Legalization of marijuana on October 17, 2018, opened up a new area of tourism for the country, golf is one of those opportunities.

Rolling Greens is going full out. They are incorporating transportation in their golf packages. When the new owners take over the venue will become 19+, the legal age for marijuana use in Ontario.

Rolling Greens is hoping to encourage tourists who visit Toronto to utilize Russ Beach Smiths Falls-Montague Airport as the mode to attend the cannabis-friendly golf course. The vision of the golf course is for daily flights to be offered from Toronto to Smith Falls.  

A licensed Producer of cannabis is located in Smith Falls. Tweed who operates under the Canopy Growth Corporation's umbrella, has its home in Smith Falls, although the rumors of Tweed being involved in this business venture are supposedly untrue. Rolling Greens is going solo there will be no involvement from Canadian licensed producers.

Smith Falls is becoming a cannabis capital and golfing is planning on swinging its way into the cannabis culture there.  


Seniors who happen to be a large part of the golf community coincidentally are a large part of the growing medical cannabis industry in Canada. So, it seems this union might be a perfect business match.

Golfing is the perfect venue for an activity that a large percentage of the public uses as a form of exercise and social gathering. This venue falls under a rare occurrence; itis legal to consume alcohol and smoking is permitted.

However, a partner at the first Canadian marijuana golf course is quick to inform the public and its current members that smoking cannabis will not be the only part of the cannabis industry that the golf course incorporates.  Rolling Greens plans to use their platform to educate the public on the benefits of marijuana. Rolling Greens expects the golfer will use other methods than smoking or vaping cannabis while on the course. Edibles are expected to be consumed on the course.  CBD products are also going to be used. Products containing CBD do not have psychoactive qualities like THC which is absorbed while smoking marijuana.

The first Canadian marijuana golf course, Rolling Greens is dedicated to providing a safe service to the tourists and the general public that uses their property. Staff will be educated in monitoring intoxication. Currently, the staff at most licensed golf courses have the Smart Serve certificate and knowledgeably monitor alcohol consumption. With the venue now changing age policies, employees would be educated in the use of marijuana. Intoxication, whether it be with alcohol or cannabis, is intoxication. The golf course plans to include local business such as taxis and ride-sharing programs in their golf and cannabis venture. This will help to ensure that dedicated driver programs are implemented which Rolling Greenswill adamantly promote.

Well, golf is not my first choice at outdoor exercise. I do appreciate a legal change that allows me and my friends to partake in some manner while golfing, however. Perhaps we won’t be playing for the 19thhole at Rolling Greens, but some nice marijuana strains will be waiting on the patio after your games.



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