The do's and don'ts of celebrating Halloween with cannabis

Published Oct 22, 2020 01:00 p.m. ET
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It’s a spooky time of year that keeps many of us clinging to the edge of our seats as ghosts, goblins, and skeletons take to the streets and our lawns to celebrate the Halloween. The kiddies will be out enjoying the perks of youth, with their painted faces, cute costumes, and bags of free candy, but this is one holiday that isn’t just for the kids.

Cannabis Halloween events are all the new rage now that it’s legal in so many places, and they offer an excellent opportunity for green loving enthusiasts to relax and unwind in a fun atmosphere. But whether you’re planning your own pot party or you’re attending someone else's, there are a few things that you need to know before you go to ensure that you have the best time possible.

1. Do take it easy

It doesn’t matter how much experience you may have with cannabis, because this rule is always a golden standard to stick to, which is why it’s the inspiration for the famous saying start low and go slow. You might be tempted to really let loose and enjoy the effect of cannabis in high doses on this spooky occasion, but if you take our advice, you’ll avoid any potential adverse effects and stay and engaged lively the whole night.

2. Don’t drive home

Some studies suggest that as many as three-quarters of all cannabis users believe that it’s safe to get behind the wheel after indulging. That is a terrifying statistic, because even if you don’t feel it, your reaction time and other senses may be impaired for several hours, and that is especially true if you’re eating cannabis edibles. If you want to keep yourself and your friends safe, then hand over your keys and arrange for a taxi, bus, or sober friend to drive you instead.

3. Do ask questions

As we get caught up in the mood of Halloween events, it’s easy to let our guard down. After all, you’re only there to have fun, which means taking in all that the party has to offer. That’s a brave stance to take, and a positive one that could lead to some really fun experiences, but it’s still important to ask questions along the way. How strong are those cannabis edibles you’re about to eat? How potent are the cannabis cocktails on tap? These are things that you should know, to maintain control over the experience. Don’t be afraid to inquire about anything that you don’t completely understand.

4. Don’t mix cannabis with other substances

You might have heard of the term crossfaded, which is basically a fancy way of saying that you’re getting stoned and drunk at the same time, that might sound like fun, but combining cannabis with any other substance is not recommended if you want to ensure that you have a good night. Doing so could impact the way that your body absorbs the cannabinoids, leading to a sudden overwhelming buzz when you least expect it, which is why its best to void alcohol and other drugs when you use cannabis.

5. Do serve and enjoy cannabis responsibly

Halloween is the perfect time to party away all of the stresses and to celebrate the coming of a brand-new season, but all cannabis users need to take the responsibility of taking or serving cannabis products responsibly. Cannabis edibles should be kept far out of reach from underage visitors, and care should always be taken to make sure that every guest does their part in keeping the experience safe and enjoyable, be it through signage, offering alternatives, or simply following the law.

6. Don’t forget proper etiquette


If you’re playing host, you can control the environment and everyone who attends. Which makes it easy to know the rules regarding who can smoke, where they can do it, and it alerts you to the few in attendance who might not appreciate being offered cannabis products. Even if you’re attending a cannabis-themed Halloween party, it’s important to ask if it’s ok for you to smoke, and to be mindful of others who might be there for the festivities without wanting to partake in the green.

7. Do surround yourself with people that you trust

Generally, we view alcohol as a substance that is dangerous enough to implement a buddy system, but cannabis shouldn’t be treated any differently. If you’re hosting a cannabis Halloween party, then make sure to invite people that you know and trust, and if you’re attending one instead, then bring a friend or two who will have your back if you need it. The effects of cannabis may seem harmless and manageable, but if you overindulge, it’s good to know that you have people you trust right there to help.

8. Don’t forget to stay hydrated

Cannabis has the dreaded effect of dry mouth, and it can be really uncomfortable. However, that’s not the only reason that you’ll want to stay well hydrated. If you’re partying hard and getting stoned, it can be easy to reach for sticky and sugary drinks, but water will help to keep you alert the whole night long, by staving off some of the more sedative effects that can go along with using weed. So be sure to drink plenty of water if you want to feel the best while you’re enjoying green-focused festivities for Halloween.

9. Do start the adventure on a full stomach

Halloween parties and gatherings tend to run late into the night, which makes it really easy to end up with a growling stomach. Something that will reduce your energy and leave you feeling tired and uncomfortable. Cannabis edibles will also hit you harder on an empty stomach, which can be a bad thing if you aren’t used to them. This is why we highly recommend that you start the celebration with a healthy meal that will keep you full the whole night through and offer a bit of protection against stomach irritation.

10. Don’t forget to choose the right cannabis products for the job

Whether you’re serving cannabis goods or taking them yourself, it is important to choose the right ones and the process of picking the correct products will differ greatly depending on who will be using them. Beginners might need low dosed cannabis edibles and milder strains, whereas more seasoned consumers may not benefit at all from those things. So, it is important to consider all of your needs before settling on a cannabis product to celebrate with.

We at Cannabis.wiki want to wish all of our readers a Happy Halloween, and we hope that these tips, tricks, and guidelines will help to steer you on the right path towards a safe and memorable holiday celebration that you’ll never forget.

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