The coolest stoner coats and sweaters that are perfect for fall

Published Oct 15, 2019 01:00 p.m. ET
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Now that enjoying the marijuana plant has become more socially acceptable, it’s time to get decked out in some of the hottest and most stylish pot leaves, and marijuana plant themed merchandise on the market. This fall is expected to be a cold one, so sit tight, and make sure to check out these fantastic stoner looks that will help to keep you warm and looking incredible.

1. 3G Green Pot Leaf drawstring hoodie by ‘Beautifulhalo’
Cost: $35
If you need something that washes with ease and holds up well to regular wear and tear, then this stoner swag is perfect. This one comes with deep tones of a rich earthly green that fills hundreds of intricately placed pot leaf designs that are tasteful, but also noticeable from quite a distance. With an inner fleece line and 100% cotton materials, this hoodie is an excellent choice to keep warm this fall.
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2. Weed Jacket by Nicko
Cost: $69.97
For those who seek a more unique piece that you won’t find on just anyone, this Weed Jacket by the infamous designer is up for grab for a crazy good price. The outer lining boasts a breathtaking up-close shot of a cannabis bud that has been blown up to the point that you can easily spot the sparkling crystals and dripping trichomes. This one was featured in People, Time, The Huffington Post, and Buzzfeed, so if you’re looking for a hot ticket item, then this is it!
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3. Unisex Weed Hoodie by iEDM
Cost: $59.99
Generally, when heading out in search of marijuana leaf décor, the options are usually a specialty store that is only going to carry a select few pieces to choose from. That leaves you limited in options, and often having to make do with an article of clothing that is intended for the opposite gender. This Weed Hoodie is a true unisex piece that fits everyone quite nicely, but that isn’t the best part. A quick visit to the company, and you can choose any one of nearly a hundred different pot leaf and stoner related themes and designs to choose from. If you’d like a personalize and well-fitting look this fall, then you might want to check out iEDM online.
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4. Galaxy Weed Sweater by The Higher Shop
Cost: $35
This mystic marijuana plant sweater boasts all the natural beauty of the species with a glorious background spotted with stars and far off galaxies. If you like to proudly display your love of cannabis, then this shirt is perfect, as it will stand out in a crowd but includes some of the gentlest, most soothing color combinations, which makes it easy on the eyes, and much less tacky than your average stoner gear. It’s warm enough to keep you cozy on those cool fall nights and thin enough to use as an extra layer all throughout the winter.
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5. Smoke Weed Everyday jacket by Snoop Dogg
Cost: $40
This varsity style jean jacket features a quote from the infamous Snoop Dogg, which reads “Smoke Weed Every Day” in giant boldly colored lettering sprawled across the upper back. For those looking to keep warm, this one comes with full-length contrast sleeves, twin needle stitching, giant pockets that are perfect for holding any size of stash, and a tapered neck to keep the chillout. Unfortunately, right now it only comes in black and features a single marijuana leaf beneath the quote, but new colors are expected to be available by early 2020.
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