The best strains for movie watching

Published Mar 1, 2019 12:30 p.m. ET

It's movie night; you might be thinking, what are the best marijuana movies, or movies to watch while high? What you might not consider is; what strain of cannabis is the best for watching movies? Making sure that the strain you pick is going to enhance your movie viewing is essential to a fabulous night. Any strain that enhances creativity is great for watching those movies that have subtle messages. You might pick your movie based on the visuals to watch while high. Sometimes without the herb,you may miss these poignant things. That being said, some strains make those little nuances in the film distracting. Beyond picking one of the best trippy movies you can, it’s worth considering what strains to indulge in while watching.

Here are some strains that I think go well with the art of movie watching or even binge watching. This is an important part of making the movie experience complete.

Alice in Wonderland: Sativa strain that is perfect for those euphoric cerebral effects. The elevation of your sensory experience is credited to this strain. Alice in Wonderland opens your body and mind. Your body relaxes and gets you in the mood for documentaries and those heady dramas that need you to focus on the film. This strain will provide a happy, focused creative mood, perfect for a night of nature-filled documentaries. You could even watch the movie, Alice in Wonderland stoned, pair the strain with the movie!

OG LA Affie: Relaxed uplifted and happy will be the benefits of this Indica strain. This strain provides a psychedelic buzz that will match any paranormal horror film you watch. This bold strain will have you lighting up and hiding under the covers while watching your film.

Chucky’s Bride: If it is an educational documentary that interests you this strain will not disappoint you. The sativa-dominant hybrid provides an uplifting creative effect. You will be eager to discuss your evening educational documentary movie of choice.

Laughing Buddha: The upbeat giggly effects from this pungent hint of spice strain, will be just what you wanted to enjoy your fun comedy or light-hearted T.V. shows. Though maybe not the best choice for you if you’re looking for horror movies to watch high. The sativa will have you embracing the happy, uplifted giggly effects that you feel during the light-hearted comedy that you chose to watch.

Wookie: If you like the feel-good type of movie you will be happy in your choice of this strain. The cerebral effects of the strain may help you think out of the box while enjoying a creative indie film.


Perfect edibles to indulge in a while watching your favorite movie.

Popcorn edible snack mix:


• 5 cups of pooped organic popcorn
• 11/2 smarties candies
• 2 cups of mini chocolate coated pretzels
• 1 cup of salted peanuts
• 5 tablespoonfuls of canna butter melted
• Salt to taste

Mix all the ingredients in a large glass bowl, stir to ensure that the canna-butter is infused in all the organic popcorn and you are ready to serve immediately.

Note to remember to go carefully on the popcorn check on you dosing do not overrule. The combination of alcohol and edibles can be an unpleasant experience if overdone. Go slow and enjoy your movie, my friend. Remember to pick a great movie and look for the strain that is a great pairing with your movie. This could be an interesting movie night if you have been careful in your strain choice and movie choice, enjoy!



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