The best 420 friendly names of 2020

Published Jul 17, 2020 11:00 a.m. ET
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Are you all about the peaceful green plant that grows freely along the roadside in some places? Do you submerge yourself in the 420 friendly space? To complete the whole picture, why not have your name or the name of your child be a reflection of the lifestyle that you are living and loving. Nicknames can be a good way for you to complete the 420 friendly naming experience. There are probably hundreds of 420 friendly nicknames floating around today.

Girls names

Some of the most recognizable weed names or 420 friendly reinforcing names for young female babies include:

1. Marley

For the 420 friendly culture, this name is synonymous with weed, music and history. Using the surname of the famous reggae artist Bob Marley brings pride to the cannabis respecting females. Any 420 friendly female would be proud to have this name attached to herself or her child.

2. Makeda

This one is unique, and the legend Bob Marley himself named one of his children this beautiful name. Any proud cannabis toting girl would be pleased to have this stoner name for her cannabis culture label.

3. Charlotte

A world-famous strain of cannabis is called Charlotte’s Web. This renowned strain proved to be a 420 friendly treatment for children living with seizures.

4. Mary Jane

One of the classic and perhaps best known in the realm of weed names is Mary Jane. Many 420 friendly parents have chosen to name their precious bundle Mary Jane, a term that is used to reference those sweet green buds from the cannabis plant.

5. Alice


Who can forget the famous Alice B. Toklas and the delicious mouthwatering brownie? Many 420 friendly moms who enjoy the art of baking with cannabis have stumbled upon the sweet name of Alice for their 420 friendly offspring.

Boys names

We cannot forget the 420 friendly male children and adults. Parents who enjoy the cannabis culture and are actively living the lifestyle in a cannabis environment look for weed names that express the loving place that the male child is born into. Some of the nicknames that are being used today for this are:

1. Bud

Well, who wouldn't name their best work yet after the best part of the cannabis plant? The 420 friendly parent who is lucky to have male offspring smiles every time they call for Bud. It could be for a child, adult, or a plant, who knows.

2. Herb

This is not your grandfather's name. It is how a gentleman refers to a marijuana plant. This is an upper-class nickname that a 420 friendly parent may use for naming a male offspring. Keeping the name Herb as a reference to the plant. This is a 420 friendly name that may not be a reflection of a family member, but of the culture that the parents like to live and immerse themselves in.

3. Blaze

What better way for 420 friendly parents to celebrate the birth of their bouncing baby boy than to rightfully name the child with a 420 cultural name. Parents of a wonderful boy will smile wide each time they see Blaze or engage in the action of smoking their weed by blazing the best strain of cannabis that they have to enjoy and celebrate.

Names are no more than a label. The 420 friendly culture is proud of the lifestyle that they have chosen to live, and as such, many such parents are choosing to name their children in a cannabis culture style. Will this be a permanent name, or is it a nickname? Whatever it is, say it proud and loud. Celebrating the 420 friendly life can be expressed through the names that parents use for their children.

Pot and parenting remain a stigmatized combination


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