Temporary clinics help to remove cannabis charges from records

Published Mar 15, 2020 11:00 a.m. ET
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If you are one of the many people that has criminal charges due to the possession of cannabis, which left you with a criminal record for a nonviolent cannabis charge, there is now some help available. Unfortunately, having a criminal record can hinder your ability to get a good job and stop you from so many opportunities.  A lot of jobs do background checks, and there is nothing worse than getting turned down because of a little bit of weed.

There has also been the argument that certain people are ethnically profiled, and that is just not acceptable on any level. This one would call for an expungement that would help alleviate some of the issues that hinder someone from getting into that dream house and or that great job. If only it was that easy, as there is a lot of work that goes into clearing charges from a record of whether the crime was violent or not.

How does one get a cannabis offence removed?

It is not an easy task getting an expungement for a cannabis charge. The cost is a lot as well as time-consuming. As everyone probably thought, it would be easy. It is not, and the system is lagging as it is, and expunging records have added to that list. The United States has repeatedly claimed that they do not recognize Canadian pardons, so keep that in mind.

You will first need to get your fingerprints taken. When you make your submission to get fingerprinted, be sure to let them know you are looking to get a record pardoned. Send away for a criminal record check most police stations offer this service. Once you receive your record check, be sure that your marijuana charges are on it. If you have lived in more then one city in the past five years, you will need to visit each local police station.

There they will need to sign and stamp your record check. We highly recommended that you make photocopies and have them sign and stamp it. Then they should be able to guide you to the proper resources. Contact the court that the conviction took place in and get proof of any sums of money that have been paid for fines.


Note that your penalties should be paid to get a charge removed. If you have been in the military, you must get a conduct sheet. Fill in the application and be sure the checklist is completed, and all forms signed, or they will be returned so that you can do so, and that lengthens the process.

It is not an easy task getting an expungement for a cannabis charge. The cost is a lot, and it’s an incredibly time-consuming process. As everyone probably thought, it would be easy, but it is not, and the system has always had backlog as it is, so expunging records have only added to that list. The US government has repeatedly claimed that they do not recognize Canadian pardons, so do keep that in mind.

Some clinics have been offering a helping hand. The law clinics will give free legal advice and help with the preparation of all documents, and they will guide you along with the steps that must be taken. To attend, you must have a valid photo ID. If you had to serve time for your charges or were on probation, you will need to wait for five years to pass to attend.

These clinics are of great importance as mounds of paperwork, and the legal process can be very confusing. There is a process, so nothing is going to happen overnight to offer full expungement, but the gain and freedom are well worth the wait. Good luck!

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