Studying while high

Published Jan 25, 2019 04:40 p.m. ET

Does weed help you study?  

 The night before your exam, you can't sleep, you can’t study, your anxiety levels are all over the place. Try lighting up a joint. This can be a fantastic way to decompress. Careful choice of strain will benefit greatly. Do you ever spark one up before your class at the local university?  Perhaps you have noticed that when your class involves brainstorming you’ve been doing great lately; your creative juices are flowing. On the flip-side, some have found adverse effects when trying to make their way through school. After all, marijuana has been known to have negative effects on short-term memory.

Sativa alone is known for its “wake and bake effect”, for focus and awareness. While the Indica strain keeps you relaxed and could aid in sleep, the issue now is the amount of mixing in the strains — the breeding of the hybrid. Let's look at the terpenes next. These offer the flavor and fragrance of the herb. Strains that have high amounts of the terpene pinene,which assists with memory alertness might be a good choice for you.

How to smoke weed and study

There is a thought out there that long-term use of the herb can affect the individual's memory and ability to concentrate, however there are studies that suggest that there is no negative impact on our daily cognitive functions — the dosage and tolerance to the herb appear to have a relationship on your immediate cognitive abilities. Ultimately though, one need not worry that marijuana will affect their intelligence in the long-term.  I think it's only proper to view a few strains that have identified as good for the brain.

A nice sativa strain that is dominant in CBD and on the lower end of the scale regarding THC is the Harlequin. There are no psychoactive properties here which makes for a great workday delight. It is sativa dominant   allowing you to remain focused.


If you are needing energizing high before class look towards the Green Crack. It does have THC but not to the point of dysfunction, which is obviously not needed in class. Great for productivity.

This next strain helps you to get things done so assignments may benefit from the effects of Cannadential. A 50/50 split, Indica and sativa, makes this hybrid great for energizing, look out for improvements in ideas and inspirations to come.

If you are down and out but have a class to go to and you need something to help you feel like you can conquer anything try the strain called Cinex. Cinex is a sativa strain that will do that for you. Cinex is perfect for first-morning early class. The juices will flow, and you’ll be getting things done soon.

Lastly, I would like to mention Mothers Helper, this is a hybrid strain. She will offer focus and motivation. Be careful that you do not indulge too much at a time or you could find yourself jittery and over anxious.

It is worth mentioning that we are all different and our ways of metabolizing are different. As usual, take it slow and be responsible for your consumption of the green lady. Enjoy.



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