Stoner breaks into home and finds an abandoned tiger

Published Jan 1, 2020 01:00 p.m. ET
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Although cannabis has been legalized in many states for medical and recreational use, stigma is still attached to the weed plant. The public is not desensitized to cannabis nor people who consume cannabis. There have always been stereotypes and misrepresentations that continue to permeate most, if not all, of us who smoke cannabis. These stereotypes may even cause some people to disbelieve others and even go so far as to label them as delusional.

Scary Discovery

For instance, the incident that recently occurred in Houston, Texas. A stoner broke into an abandoned house only to get high when he stumbled upon a big discovery. The stoner found an abandoned tiger in the vacant house. The stoner, like any concerned citizen, alerted the police to this huge discovery. However, unlike the expected response from any other law-abiding citizen, the police did not believe the story.

In fact, would you believe the stoner? The mere fact that the persons broke into the house to smoke weed would cause any police officer to stop and wonder whether the individuals were under the influence of the weed. This is exactly what Sergeant Jason Alderete from the Houston Police Department reported. He said they hesitated at first but still followed up on the hunch and went to investigate or view the abandoned house to see if the stoners saw what they thought they saw.

To their surprise, the police officers found a tiger caged in the abandoned house. So, the stoners were not hallucinating when they informed the police of their discovery. Admittingly, the story sounds like something you watched or could have watched in stoner movies.

The police also found out that the house was abandoned for a long time. The caged tiger was found in the garage, but police said the doors were not barred properly and so unsafe. Imagine if this animal somehow got on the loose, it would be a danger to people nearby.

Some meat was also found in the house near the tiger’s cage, suggesting that someone may have been feeding the animal recently. This calls many things into question. Was the tiger being fed by someone? Was it captured for illegal sale? There are just so many questions with few answers as the investigation into this incident is still ongoing.


There are many more animals that have been captured, and this tiger is just one of the few rescued. Thankfully, the stoners decided to smoke weed in that abandoned house or else something worse could have occurred.

Police Hesitation

It is interesting that the police officers still decided to investigate what the stoners reported. Apart from the stereotype regarding cannabis users, Texas has strict cannabis laws. Cannabis is not entirely legal in Texas, although a bill was passed to legalize hemp and hemp-derived products. This does not mean that people are free to consume marijuana, though.

This may be the reason that the police were hesitant to investigate as cannabis consumption is still illegal in Texas. Therefore, the stoners may have been committing an offence, even though breaking in and entering (an abandoned house) is an offence by itself. The discovery of the abandoned animal was an offence that the police would be interested in since their duty is to protect and serve.

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