Some of the stoniest ways to get high

Published Oct 21, 2022 01:00 p.m. ET
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It’s just been one of those days where your usual cannabis preference doesn’t seem like it’s quite enough to take the edge off. We’ve all been there, namely long-term users who have built up a tolerance to the euphoric nature of cannabinoids over time. You could be stressed out from a long shift at work or being cooped up at home, or you might just want something that hits a bit harder, with feverish intensity; An option that will knock your socks off and melt all that ails you away.

There are dozens of different ways to achieve that “getting high” feeling with cannabis, but not all of them will produce equal or even similar results. Some like joints give you a light buzz, as most of your herb or concentrates go up in literal smoke, filling the room around you and completely missing their mark. Then there are more superior options that are known to provide a stronger buzz, and those are the ones we’re going to talk a little bit more about.


Getting high using dabs is often described as a higher-class experience because the process must be more precise, offering single hits that contain all of the goodness that can be found in dabs, which are made of a wide variety of ultra-potent cannabis concentrates. With a dab rig or pen nearly every bit of smoke is easy to inhale in one shot, and because of all of that, it’s bound to get you really stoned.

Bong rips

Bongs are one of the cheapest glass options on the market, and since they often come equipped with a water chamber, they hit differently than pipes, making it easier to take larger hits with minimal effort. Though unlike the dab rig, a bong isn’t all too compatible with cannabis concentrates, a great number of connoisseurs swear by the difference they can make in the overall experience, so it’s more than worth a shot.

Mixing with tobacco

Of course, with this option, there are things to consider, like the addictive nature of tobacco, as well as the adverse health benefits due to a number of carcinogens that can be found in it, but there is some evidence that suggests adding it to your bowl or joint could significantly increase the intensity of sensations felt when you’re getting high.



If getting high immediately is your goal, then edibles probably aren’t the best choice to settle on, but if you’re hoping for a potent punch that will come on slow and last for several hours, then this is one of the best solutions. You can make them at home as strong as you like, going above and beyond what most store-bought alternatives can offer, and though they aren’t inhalable, and might not fill your craving for that, they can certainly take the effects of cannabis to all new heights.


Dabbing works so well because it’s done only with dabs aka cannabis concentrates like shatter, oil, crumble, or wax, which are among the most cannabinoid loaded goods on the market today. The same is true for orally ingestible options such as distillate, oil, or tincture which can be made as strong as you like, in small, easy to swallow hits. They can provide the benefits of dabbing with the long-lasting nature of edibles while cutting out all of the unnecessary ingredients like sugar and avoiding adverse health effects.

Important note

If you’ve tried all of these ideas, or you find that you’re not comfortable with them, and you’re looking for a betting high due to trouble achieving that craved state of mind, then you might want to consider a tolerance break instead of an intensified dose. This can help you long term, saving you money and relieving some of your reliance on its effects. Of course, it’s not an instant solution, but in some cases, it’s the better answer if you want to be able to satisfy your needs using cannabinoids long term.

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