Some of the coolest weed pipes on the internet

Published Aug 2, 2020 01:00 p.m. ET
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There is a vast number of pipes on the internet. Some think that a pipe is just a pipe, but not everyone feels that way, so we thought that we would make a list of some of the coolest pipes that are available online to enjoy.

1. Stealthy Keychain Pipe

It is a very tiny pipe that is subtle and discreet. Masquerading as a keychain, and when it is closed, you would never know that it’s for smoking. It is easy to use, and with just one click, you can be puffing, and with one more, you can close it up and have an odour free keychain.

2. Thick Glass Rainbow Pipe

You have got to love a glass pipe that is hand-blown and colourful. This one is both, and it’s compact, which is great for when you’re on the go. It is a classic, easy to clean design, and you will get tones of happy smoking time out of this rainbow pipe.

3. The Pocket Bubbler

It has an excellent grip and is more durable than most glass pipes. It’s also hand blown for uniqueness, and it does not require a separate stand to use. The Pocket Bubbler comes in different colours, and it’s a great little bubbler pipe.

4. Lava Stoneware

This one is a sweet pipe because every little detail has to perfection. This pipe is made with real lava, and the bowl has a perfect burn. It’s very stylish, comes in different colours, and each one is delivered in a velvety satin pouch. This pipe has some serious style.

5. Long glass Gandalf

This is a glass pipe with swirls for style. The pipe is long, and some say that it even evokes some wisdom. The Gandalf is a piece that was blown to perfection for your enjoyment, and overall it’s just a very cool pipe.

6. Fruity Fantasy


This pipe has some true craftsmanship and a little finesse that is sure to amaze. The ceramic pipe is great for collectors because it is in the shape of a parrot with beautiful colours and two little feet so that it can stand on its own. Very cool and stylish.

7. The Mini Hitter

This pipe is straightforward but elegant, and the chunky glass spoon pipe is excellent. It's also compact and provides a great smoking experience for those that love the mini hitters. It is known on the reggae scene but has grown in popularity among many other crowds. A great and classy pipe.

8. Super Shaka Stream Roller

The nicely crafted brass pipe has a masterfully machined tube for your stash that locks nicely onto the bowl of the piece with an adjustable cover that you can tighten or loosen and easily clean with the hex wrench that is included. It’s easy to care for and looks great.

9. Coffee Mug Pipe

This mug is cleverly used as a pipe for all you wake and bake lovers out there. It comes in different colours and works as a great conversation piece. Whether you want your pipe with coffee or tea, it will work, as it’s compatible with both, easy to clean, and just an incredibly classy mug.

10. Incredibowl

The Incredibowl is nice and compact, and that makes it easy to take with you on an outing. It uses a heat sink and small mesh screens to cool the smoke. This pipe is virtually unbreakable and about the size of a lighter. It’s a cool little pipe. Basic but handy.

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