Snoop Dogg hires full-time blunt roller at $50,000 per year

Published Oct 18, 2019 01:00 p.m. ET
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Now that marijuana legalization is in full effect and is quickly scaling the globe as an accepted substance, there are a lot more people who are considering entering the cannabis industry as a career option. The media glorifies budtenders and licensed producers, but the unique jobs that are hitting the market now are unlike anything we have ever seen. Not only are they unique in nature and environment, but some of these gigs pay better than careers that require higher education.

One example of this comes with the latest announcement from the one and only Snoop Dogg, who went on air to tell the world all about his personal assistant whose only job description is to roll blunt after blunt in an attempt to keep up to the star’s smoking habits. Though this might sound out of this world, if you tune in to the interview, you will see the Pineapple Express actor, Seth Rogan, quite seriously consider the prospect after asking a series of hilarious and eye-opening questions, including, how much the blunt roller makes per year, and what’s the status of such a position?

Is blunt rolling really a job?

While not everyone is going to be handed the opportunity to roll blunts for a living, Snoop isn’t the only famous star to consider paying someone else to do the tedious task, and with high-end smokers who always seem to have a joint in hand, it seems to have opened up what can be a full-time position that pays somewhere in the ballpark of around $50 000. Luckily, you don’t need access to Hollywood superstars to get this kind of cannabis job, as dispensaries and even high-quality manufacturers pay folks all over the world to roll up joints or blunts to place for sale.

Requirements to get a blunt rolling job

It remains unclear what exactly it might take to prove yourself for this kind of position, but the average joe probably isn’t going to be financially benefitting from mediocre rolls. You will need skill alongside a never-ending pack of rolling papers, so if you have yet to learn how to roll a blunt flawlessly, then this job probably isn’t for you. Snoop quotes his personal roller as ‘hitting goals of around 300 blunts per day’, which is a lot more difficult than it looks, and with the competition for this sort of dream job skyrocketing, only the best will make it in this field of the industry.


Where to find a position as a blunt roller

If the idea of fierce competition doesn’t slow you down, then you are probably wondering where the best place is to start in searching for a blunt roller job, but the truth is that there has yet to be an industry-standard set to follow. Some licensed producers hire blunt rollers to prepare products before they are shipped, but cannabis dispensaries are the places most likely to have a job like this available.

The trouble is that some hire internally, and others choose less discreet avenues like Kijiji or Craigslist, so keep your eyes peeled anywhere that you might see regular job listings posted. Another excellent starting point might be dropping by your local dispensary to make them aware of your interest, as the evolution of the industry is changing to become more competitive, and this is expected to be a much more popular career choice.

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