Should you use CBD or THC on a romantic night?

Published Mar 5, 2019 11:31 a.m. ET

Chocolate and oysters are great for an evening of romance with your partner. Let’s look at completing the night with the addition of marijuana. The plant is a pure natural aphrodisiac; it is waiting to explode in popularity for her qualities. The accolades of marijuana being one of the world’s most powerful aphrodisiacs are warranted. The aphrodisiac qualities of marijuana are used world-wide to great benefit. When marijuana is included in your evening of romance, you will be ensuring romance all night.

The combining THC and sex, to achieve the ultimate benefits, the correct strain and dosage is important. With careful planning, you will both achieve the ultimate elusive orgasm.

CBD, THC and sex

You may be wandering, how does weed affect you sexually? To explore this, we need to look at the different types of strains.

We will look at how sativa strains will entice your partner into a perfect romantic night. Sativa strains are noted for increasing energy and inducing psychedelic cerebral experiences. The best sex involves the brain and energy together to complete a tantalizing experience.

Dosing is important and is better taken slow. Limit your pre-sex toking to a few hits. Be careful not to use too much concentrate leading up to your sexual encounters you don’t want to be burnt out before the main event can be completed.

Indica strains are perfect for an evening of sensual touching. Their kick back style provides the sensory ecstasy that is sure to please your senses. Try not to over indulge in your pre-toking moments. You do not want to find your self locked into the couch. Your idea of couch rocking will be depleted with too much of this sensory encouraging strain.


Perhaps you can plan your CBD or THC wild night of passion to begin with shopping together at the dispensary in your area. Talk with the budtender involve them in your romantic journey. They will be knowledgeable about the best strains and products.

Strains to use on a romantic night

Dream Queen: Sativa-dominant strain will not leave you without the energy to complete your night of passion. Thisis a perfect aphrodisiac to take you on an imaginative sexual path with your partner.

Granddaddy Purple: The fusion of body and mind that this heavy Indica strain possess is perfect for those that like the heightened mental state and bodily sensations. Do not over-indulge or you will be locked in the couch and the evening will be over.

CBD and erectile dysfunction

For those that suffer from erectile dysfunction, CBD is a compound that has shown promise in enhancing a persons’ sexual function. Erectile dysfunction is caused by weakening of blood flow with tissue damage also being a component. CBD oil has relaxing and anxiolytic effects. Men suffering from erectile dysfunction often exhibit anxiety and mental block issues accompanied with depression. These symptoms often play an intricate part in the problem. CBD can boost the man’s performance and endurance. The combination of CBD oil and sex mixed with THC has prevented some men from enjoying the whole sexual experience. THC and its psychoactive natures can cause the complete opposite effect you are trying to achieve. Try to stick to pure CBD oils if you are planning a romantic evening and have concerns about your performance. Indulge responsibly and enjoy, the night is young!



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