Romantic joints for Valentine’s Day

Published Feb 5, 2019 04:15 p.m. ET
Looking for something to impress that special someone for valentine's day? Why not put your joint rolling skills to the test and test out one of these impressive joints that offer a flair an experience that any stoner would love to receive to celebrate this day of love? 

How to roll a heart joint


  • 6 or 7 grams of cannabis
  • grinder
  • 3 paper filters
  • 6 king size rolling papers
  • 8-10 strips of glue that have been removed from other rolling papers


Step 1 - Grind your grind herb and remove all stems from the pile.

Step 2 - Sort your papers. Two Piles of two which will be for the two joints that make up the heart, and one separate paper for the handle. You may want or need an additional half of a paper for the heart joints depending on how much difficulty you have attaching them.

Step 3 - To being, you will want to roll one large cone-shaped joint which will be the handle. This can be done by starting from the bottom corner of a rolling paper and rolling upwards just like you would when rolling a croissant. Remember to install a filter on the end that is narrow. Once finished set aside.

Step 4 - Now you will need to roll two identical joints for the arches in the heart. The joints will need to be the same length as two king sized papers. To attach the two papers, you can lay them flat on a clean surface and use one of your pre-prepared glue strips to connect them. Try to roll them as straight and even as possible while leaving the herb a bit loose. This will make them easier to bend and shape. Once complete, install a filter onto the end of each one.

Step 5 - Now you will need to roll two identical joints that do not have a filter installed.

At this point, you should have four straight joints and one large cone joint. Two of the straight joints should not have any filter.

Step 6 - Take the two joints with no filter and line them up with the two that do have one. You will want to attach one with no filter to one that has one by connecting the ends that have no filter. You can do so using the glue strips you have prepared and feeding one end into the other to ensure the best seal. Once finished, do it again with the second pair.

Step 7 - For this step, you will need the two long joints that you just connected. Use your fingers and palm to slowly roll each joint shaping it into a bend like an arch. You want the top ¼ (furthest from any filter) of both joints to be part of the curve while the rest remains straight.

Step 8 - Now place both bent joints side by side so that they represent a heart shape. This is where you will need to connect the tips at each end to the giant cone. You should start where the filters are and end at the top. Line all the filtered tips together and wrap one or two glue strips around them to hold them together. Now flip it around and use another glue strip to attach the ends to the side of the cone joint.

Step 9 - Seal every single hole you can find aside from the one where the filter is located. Use as many strips as you need to.

Step 10 - Enjoy! Light this baby up by lighting the joint at the top of the heart that is connected to the end of the cone joint. All three sides will burn as you draw through it.

How to roll a Cupid’s Arrow Joint

This is a different variation of the heart joint that burns into two separate joints and even has two separate mouthpieces. If you want to go all out, you can also roll little heart shaped filters.


  • 7 to 10 grams of bud
  • grinder
  • 10 king size papers
  • 15-20 glue strips taken from other rolling papers
  • two filters


Step 1 - To begin you will want to sort your pile of papers. You will need five different collections of papers. Two papers for the main cone handle, two papers for each side of the heart arches, two papers for the long arrow base, one paper for the arrowhead, and one paper for a small connecting joint which joins the heart with the arrow.

Step 2 - Grind your bud and remove any stems.

Step 3 - The easiest portion of this one to roll is the giant cone handle which will be the base for the entire thing. It must be solid enough to hold the weight of it all, so be sure it is packed well. You can do this by using one glue strip to attach two king sized papers lengthways. Roll a cone shape by holding the paper tighter at the base and relaxing your grip towards the other end. Install a filter into the narrow end of the cone. Set aside for later.

Step 4 - Now you will need to create the arches that will form your heart. Connect two papers from one pile lengthwise just as you did before. Now do it again with the second arch pile. Both long joints need to be packed and rolled as straight and loose as possible to keep them easy to shape. Once they are finished, you can put them with the cone joint to the side.

Step 5 - The next step is to roll the joint that will be the long arrow base. Take another two papers and connect them again, so you have an extra-long paper. This one also should be solidly packed as it will not be bent. Once finished, install a filter in one end before adding it to the pile or pre-rolled joints.

Step 6 - Next up is making a triangle shape that will be the arrow tip. This can be done by putting some dried herb on one paper and folding the edges where the paper is bent downwards as if you were wrapping a Christmas present. If you have a hard time keeping it stuck then use some of your glue strips to ensure it holds its shape.

Step 7 - This last one will be the connecting piece for the arrow and the heart. Roll one single joint using one paper that is as straight as possible.

At this point, you should have one cone joint, one small straight joint (no filter), four double-length joints (two with no filter), and a triangle packed with weed.

Step 8 - Now it’s time to get everything together. If you are running low on glue strips, this may be the best time to make more. Take two of the long double length joints with no filters and roll them between your fingers to slowly bend them into an arch shape one at a time. Once finished you can connect the tips at the top of the heart using glue strips.

Step 9 - Now take the cone joint and place the two bottom open ends of the heart shape into the end of the cone. You can create a complete seal by wrapping strips of glue in opposing directions around the heart until it feels solid. Once finished, you should be holding a heart that is on a handle.

Step 10 - Attach the triangle shape to the end of one of the filtered double joints at the end with no filter.

Step 11 - Here is where this one gets a bit tricky. You will need to make a few holes using something narrow but wide enough to allow a draw like a large sewing needle. You will need to make one hole directly through the center of the small attaching joint first. Then, make a hole that is large enough for the smaller joint to fit through by piercing the center of the arrow. Push the small joint through the arrow carefully. Don’t worry if you end up with a small tear. You can seal up any holes with more strips of glue.

Step 12 - Now the last connection must be made. Do this by piercing a hole on the inside of the heart arch joints that does not go all the way through. Fit each end of the small connector joint (with the arrow attached) into the holes and seal and openings with glue pieces.

Now it’s ready to burn! This beauty features two separate mouthpieces and will burn into two different joints about halfway through. The arrow tip can be lit as well as the top connecting joint of the heart.



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