Reasons why it's better to choose a cannabis-friendly hotel

Published Sep 14, 2021 09:00 a.m. ET
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Cannabis tourism is only beginning to pick up steam, with brand new vacation destinations, tours, and ‘bud and breakfast’ options being added to the long list of 420 friendly offerings almost daily, and it’s already set to impress. No matter where you look, as long as you’re visiting a region where cannabis is legal, you’ll find cute little cafes, lounges, and even restaurants to explore.

Having all of these incredible options to explore is exciting and taking your cannabis vacation to the next level by booking a 420-friendly venue is always more than worth it, even if it does cost a few extra dollars per night.

1. Freebies

The best marijuana goodies are always those you don’t have to pay for, especially when you’ve spent a whole bunch of money on vacation, and this is something that herb-friendly hotels do quite well. Some ‘bud and breakfast’ locations will serve a fully infused breakfast for your pleasure, and most larger accommodations spice things up with extras like pillow pipes or rentable apparatuses like vaporizers. A few will even provide small, free samples of bud, concentrate, pre-rolls or beverages to take you higher, all things you’d never find at a regular Best Western.

2. Freedom

If you’re enjoying some cannabis tourism, then chances are pretty good you’ll want to indulge along the way, and that can be an awkward task in a regular hotel that bans smoking on property. However, if you book a 420 friendly hotel or ‘bud and breakfast’, then you’ll be guaranteed the freedom to walk around smoking even if it is restricted to outdoor balconies or a massive terrace. Take in the views, in luxury, while stoned, something you can only do in hotels that are dedicated to serving consumers.

3. Comfort

Outdoor balconies might not seem like that big of a luxury since you’d normally have to vape or toke outside anyway, but at cannabis-friendly hotels, there’s usually a way to do it without ever having to leave the comfort of your room. It’s also common to find entire outdoor spaces that are designed with smokers in mind, including things like awnings, comfortable furniture, music, and drinks on tap, so that you don’t have to stand outside staring at the front door of the place you’re staying in complete boredom.

4. Culture

Regular hotels are all about luxury additions, like Wi-Fi, whirlpools, and gym access, but you’ll find all that and more at a cannabis-friendly venue because everything from the décor to the menu plans and scheduled entertainment will include some small familiar part of the culture. Hotels that cater to weed touting guests will make you feel right at home, with things like Bob Marley music and posters or art that features the plant you already love so much.

5. Like-minded individuals

Part of cannabis culture is certainly the things and people that have shaped it into the world we all know today. Still, an essential element that makes it complete is the other visitors who are also herb enthusiasts. When you stay at a regular hotel, chances are pretty good that at least one of your neighbours will be annoyed by the smell of weed, but at a 420-friendly one, every person you find will agree that it truly is a godsend, which means that even if you travel alone, it won’t be hard to find like-minded friends to get stoned with.

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