Put the buzz into your 420 celebrations with these great ideas

Published Apr 17, 2023 09:34 a.m. ET
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420 is the unofficial holiday many enthusiasts dedicate to celebrating the plant, and it’s a great time to come together as the warmer temperatures creep in. Whether you’re a total newbie, occasional user, or a thoroughly seasoned daily consumer there are so many ways to make this day one you’re sure to remember, and here we’ll get you started with ten simple ideas to fit any budget.

1. Subscribe to a cannabis-related offering or service

Why not treat yourself to something special for 420 by subscribing to a cannabis-focused offering or service that can enhance your day-to-day life? From monthly subscription boxes that deliver monthly packages filled with products, accessories, or devices, to online courses which will teach you more about this incredible plant you already love, or even magazines covering the latest and great moves made by consumers, experts, and the industry. The possibilities are endless!

2. Create a cannabis-inspired work of art

If you’re looking for something more creative then a cannabis-inspired work of art might be the perfect way for you to express yourself as well as your love for the plant on 420. It could be something as simple as a DIY bong or pipe which is easy to make with nothing more than a bottle, some scissors and a bit of aluminum foil, or a solid vegetable or fruit. Another exciting idea is creating a specialty roll like a twisted blunt, infused joint, or an intricate roll like a cross or braided joint. There’s something fulfilling about letting your imagination run wild and losing yourself in the process, so why not give it a try?

3. Plant a seed

Spring is in the air and as the warmer days approach it’s an excellent time to get a head start on growing a cannabis plant or two. We truly can’t think of a better way to celebrate than by creating a whole new life on this special day. That and it’s something personal you can continue to love, cherish and enjoy for many months to come. A gift to yourself that keeps on giving.

4. Teach someone else something about cannabis

Bestowing knowledge on another person can be an incredibly informative and rewarding experience and that is especially true when it comes to cannabis because trustworthy sources are still difficult to find. They’re also nearly impossible to differentiate from the millions of half-truths and completely made-up “facts” permeating the internet. Start with the basics, and work your way up. You never know this could be something you love enough to keep you committed to spreading the love well beyond 420.

5. Make a new like-minded friend

Nowadays cannabis is legal in so many places that it’s not too difficult to find others who share your connection with the plant, but we could all use another friend to add to the circle. Without many weed-focused venues aside from dispensaries this might seem like a challenge though it’s a whole lot easier than you might think. Attend a festival, or ask to join a sesh with one of your friends who can invite new people to the group. Alternatively, social clubs and online forums offer a great way to connect and most don’t cost a cent to join.

6. Go on a dispensary crawl


This unique experience is just like your average bar crawl, only you get to shop around for cannabis products instead of staggering around under the influence of alcohol. It involves visiting several locations in a single adventure, checking out the many things they have to offer, and learning more about the different cultures and vibes that are accessible in your area. Bring a group of friends and enjoy a few edibles or joints along the way. You might just discover a new level of diversity and available experiences you didn’t know about before.

7. Take a cannabis-related class

Even the most seasoned cannabis enthusiasts can learn something new about the plant whether it's related to the scientific aspects of its many elements, industry trends, consumption methods, how to make exotic things, or various protocols that may upgrade their growing skills. This 420 sign-up to expand your mind and expertise be it in person or online. It will only deepen your connection with and understanding of the space which is a wonderful way to celebrate.

8. Plan a sesh somewhere special with all of your closest friends

As adults, we don’t often have the time or patience to keep watch for 4:20pm to hit, but if you really want to celebrate this day and its origins planning an intimate sesh with some of your closest friends is a simple way to do that. Make this gathering extra special by choosing a location that means something to the group or find a spot with a beautiful view to take in while you all partake. Set up a comfortable space, bring a few snacks and drinks and you’ll have a circle of fun in no time that could last for quite a while.

9. Explore all that nature has to offer with complimentary cannabis strains

Nature is where we initially found cannabis which could be why the two go so well together and there’s really no better time to plan an adventure in the great outdoors than on 420. So why not go hiking, biking, camping, or for a quiet stroll somewhere you can reminisce about past experiences with cannabis? Oh and don’t forget to pack a strain that’ll give you the motivation and finesse to keep on going!

10. Spread the love and donate to a cannabis-related charity

420 is a day of celebration but it’s also the perfect time to give back to the community and culture by donating a few dollars or some of your time to support those most in need. It could be through a local organization, a national cause, or a more personal endeavor. Every little bit helps and it’ll make you feel so good.

A few things we should all remember this 420


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