Psychedelics reform is quickly gaining speed

Published Feb 8, 2020 10:00 a.m. ET
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There is a movement happening as people delve into psychedelics and how they can improve one’s sense of well being. In the USA, some states are looking to decriminalize magic mushrooms. There are many advocates in Chicago, Dallas, Berkley, and Portland trying to make a change, starting with having natural psychedelics decriminalized. This is no small feat but we can always depend on our ever so valuable advocates to continue the good fight for our rights to make our own decisions.

What's been happening with this movement

In a citizen-led commission, three people stated their case for the support of decriminalization. One has a severe case of Bi-polar and says that psychedelics have given him some relief from his symptoms that can be challenging at times. The second had a diagnosis of cancer, and he said that plant-based psychedelics helped him to cope with this diagnosis. The third, a former employee of Space X, stated that everyone was using the psychedelics. It is looking like the decriminalization could very well be just around the corner.

There has been a lot of talk and false reports about psychedelic reform, but as it turns out, it was a clerical error. There is legislation that prohibits any government funding to be used to enforce any laws pertaining to cultivating, using, transporting or the distribution of psychedelics. After listing the health benefits of psychedelics, it is not looking like there will be any additional funding or resources to help in imposing any laws or penalties in regard to the adult-use of entheogenic plants. It also advises that Chicago police should have these issues rates at the very lowest of priority, and that is good news for those lobbying to have these psychedelics legalized.

Dallas is also looking to have decriminalization in effect and would like to add marijuana to the list as well as cannabis is still strictly prohibited in Texas. The number of people yet being arrested is staggering when it comes to cannabis. This will make it more challenging as it is considered the two cannabis and psychedelics are different classes. Although their plane is not to see psychedelics legalized but decriminalized as they are considered a sacred medicine, and they do not want them sold just anywhere. We will see how this unfolds in the future.


Advocates in Portland are hoping for decriminalization in 2020. They feel that this will allow people to reap the health benefits of psychedelics without the fear of being prosecuted. Studies have shown that these drugs can help some severe mental health issues. The homeless rates in Oregon are growing, and the mental health issues are as well alongside many different addictions. Locking up the most vulnerable people is not good and psychedelics were shown to help aid with depression, PTSD, and addictions. We will have to follow this and see what comes of it in the future.

There have been studies done with regard to the use of hallucinogens. Psychedelic mushrooms were used for eons and there are many different opinions on whether they are safe or not. There seems to be a need for more studies on the benefits, as you just never know what healing properties may be hiding. As with most drugs, there is always some ironing out to do before acceptance. The future will tell us, and we are very interested to see where this goes and what that could mean for the flourishing cannabis industry as a whole.

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