Psychedelic mushrooms grow wild in these US counties

Published Oct 22, 2021 01:00 p.m. ET
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Foraging groups have exploded in recent years, as people are spending more time getting in touch with nature and exploring the great outdoors, and it’s not just the exotic table varieties that have people on the hunt. Magic mushrooms, though still illegal in most places, are no exception. In fact, there’s an entire industry full of fancy vacation getaways and tours that will take psychedelics, lovers, on an adventure they’ll never forget, but a lot of people don’t realize that there’s no need to dish out thousands of dollars or go to some exotic country to have a similar experience.

Dozens of different types of psychedelic mushrooms grow naturally all over the United States, which means that you could have some in your own backyard right now and not even know it. That’s how common they are, but of course, some regions boast far more than others. MoveBuddha conducted a study to figure out where they are, as well as how easy they’ll be to find based on resident observations, and thanks to them, we now have a detailed picture of the best hunting grounds to magic mushroom foragers.

Pacific – WA
Population: 22,984
Rate of Observations: 15.23

Clatsop – OR
Population: 40,423
Rate of Observations: 2.72

Tillamook – OR
Population: 27,442
Rate of Observations: 2.19

Benton – OR
Population: 93,239
Rate of Observations: 1.82

Dewitt – TX
Population: 20,174
Rate of Observations: 1.49

Thurston – WA
Population: 294,074
Rate of Observations: 1.12

Lewis – WA
Population: 82,109
Rate of Observations: 1.1

Humboldt – CA
Population: 13,977
Rate of Observations: 1.04

Lincoln – OR
Population: 50,583
Rate of Observations: 0.79

Warren – PA
Population: 38,911
Rate of Observations: 0.77

Grays Harbor – WA
Population: 75,950
Rate of Observations: 0.66

Ashland – OH
Population: 53,362
Rate of Observations: 0.56

Rusk – TX
Population: 54,324
Rate of Observations: 0.55

Cattaraugus – NY
Population: 75,863
Rate of Observations:

Washington – VT
Population: 58,328
Rate of Observations: 0.51

San Mateo – CA
Population: 758,308
Rate of Observations: 0.5

Lackawanna – PA
Population: 208,989
Rate of Observations: 0.43

San Francisco – CA
Population: 866,606
Rate of Observations: 0.42

Alameda – CA
Population: 1,662,323
Rate of Observations: 0.4

Contra Costa – CA
Population: 1,152,333
Rate of Observations: 0.39

Highlands – FL
Population: 106,639
Rate of Observations: 0.38

King – WA
Population: 2,274,315
Rate of Observations: 0.32

Allegheny – PA
Population: 1,211,358
Rate of Observations: 0.29

Where psychedelic mushrooms are decriminalized

Oregon is the only US state to decriminalize magic mushrooms region-wide, but there are several cities and counties that have also opted to take this progressive step forward, including:

  • Ann Arbor Michigan
  • Cambridge Massachusetts
  • Denver Colorado
  • District of Columbia Washington DC
  • Northampton Massachusetts
  • Oakland California
  • Santa Cruz California
  • Sommerville Massachusetts
  • Washtenaw County Michigan

Plan a safe foraging adventure

Even natural psychedelics like magic mushrooms are something that should be explored safely, a task that’s difficult to do for consumers who aren’t experienced with foraging in the wild. That is why we highly recommend following these 8 rules for the best chances of success.

  1. Hire a knowledgeable guide whenever possible.

  2. Research the types of psychedelic mushrooms you plan to search for before you go.

  3. Thoroughly inspect all specimens for mould or bacteria growth that could be hazardous to your health.

  4. Wash and prepare the magic mushrooms appropriately before using them.

  5. When in doubt, throw it out because it’s never worth the risk.

  6. Make sure you’re in a region where psilocybin is decriminalized.

  7. Do not bring the psychedelic mushrooms home if you do not live in a state that has decriminalized them.

  8. Bring a friend or two so that you don’t run into danger without a way to get help.

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