Planning a festive cannabis Christmas get together in 2020

Published Dec 23, 2020 10:00 a.m. ET
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Is it possible for us to end the year on a positive note? Can COVID-19 be under control? The devastating virus makes many of us wish for the year to end more quickly. COVID-19 has cloaked itself around the world in a sinister fashion. Christmas is a time to celebrate, and how better than with family? It might be in a different way this 2020, but it can still be a fantastic celebration. To include cannabis in the festivities is like the icing on the cake, so why not plan a festive themed party where the honoured guest is the lady in green, cannabis.

Staging the house

All themed parties help to complete the holiday spirit.  One of the ways to express Christmas cheer is with a festive 420 candle. Candles can set the mood for the party and be sure to pick a candle with terpenes of winter and pine. Alpha-Pinene smells incredibly like fresh pine trees. For those of you who enjoy hands-on decorations, perhaps decorating floating votive candles with your cannabis leaf that you carefully fitted into the bottom of the dish to express the festive cannabis season would be the ideal finishing touch.

The lighting for your party would not be complete without having pot string lights to add to your potted cannabis plant or Christmas tree. Don't forget to wrap those gifts under the tree in cannabis printed wrapping paper. For those who like to use their handiwork to wrap a gift, stencilling pot leaves on your wrapping papers can show how much you love to celebrate the season with the green plant cannabis. To finish up your potted ganja Christmas tree, surround it with a cannabis skirt, which will provide the perfect green touch to the holiday décor.

Christmas movies may be the way for you and your family to spend the holiday during these COVID-19 times. Preparing ahead for the Christmas flick will make the time more enjoyable and relaxed. Prepare a few joints ahead of time. Select your goodies from the delicious cannabis-infused Christmas edibles that are available or perhaps some that you made personally. Have those chips and other snacks close by, and don't forget the Kleenex for some of those heartbreaking moments from the Christmas flick. Remember, go low and slow with those infused edibles to ensure that you get to see the end of the movie.

Don't forget to hang those stockings you have stuffed with some cannabis trinkets for your adult loved ones.

  • Juicy Jay’s Flavored King Size rolling papers are perfect for rolling an ideal Christmas joint. No cannabis consumer can ever have enough rolling papers.

  • The old way of smoking can be incorporated using a Soapstone Pip Smooth that you have loaded with their favourite strain of the green lady cannabis. It will be a bonus addition to the cannabis Christmas stocking. This is a perfect piece of apparatus for the clumsy toker among us.

  • Seeds, who doesn’t want to have access to the best strains available? Stuffing your Christmas stocking with seeds shows the love you have for your family by providing them with the top quality smoke after harvesting the plants they have personally grown. This gift is defiantly what the green thumb cannabis family member would appreciate at these times.

  • Everyone who likes to consume weed through the flower method knows the value of a good grinder. The Sheesham Grinder Carved Black Leaf looks like a million-dollar cannabis accessory. The elegant piece of equipment will demand respect from the cannabis community who notices this top of the line grinder.

  • What would a cannabis Christmas stocking be without an air freshener? The smell of skunk that is often left behind after one has indulged in a healthy joint can be overbearing for some of our neighbours. An air freshener may be your best friend.

  • Final thoughts

    Christmas this year may be different when we celebrate with family while social distancing, and some of our bubbles may only hold two. The Christmas season is meant to be reflective, but it won’t be as nostalgic this year. COVID-19 has left a mark on all of us but celebrating the Christmas season in a sociably safe environment is better than not being able to enjoy it with loved ones at all.

    Merry Christmas!

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