Nervous talking to your doctor about CBD?

Published Mar 9, 2019 12:00 p.m. ET

We put our health and well-being in the hands of our healthcare professionals. We seek them out whenever we are feeling off, but many people have a hard time discussing any cannabis-derived products with their doctor. This can happen for many reasons, but the most commonly cited is the fear of facing judgment. The taboo that’s been left behind from marijuana being illegal for almost one hundred years is now a dark scar that keeps those who could benefit most from asking important questions or even starting a conversation about CBD products. Lack of education or information are also huge roadblocks for people who are nervous about advocating for themselves. Here we will cover everything you need to know before you head to the doctor. This article will fully equip you with the information necessary to confidently approach your health care provider about the CBD oil benefits you could benefit from.

1. Find a doctor that you can trust
If you fear some form of repercussion for inquiring about CBD pills or CBD oil benefits, then it is time to find a doctor that you can be more comfortable with. If a doctor isn’t willing to administer or educate his patients on a legal medication alternative or aid, then they aren’t going to provide you with the kind of care that you deserve. Trust is also an essential component of a successful treatment using CBD products as instruction, monitoring, and knowledge are keys to being safe. If you are currently taking prescribed medications of any kind, CBD could potentially interfere with their efficiency, and a doctor will be able to warn you before facing any severe side effects that you may not have been expecting.

2. Research
Patients often find it easier to engage in a productive conversation with a healthcare professional when they are armed with facts and statistics that have been proven. Research can also help guide you in asking the right questions. Not all doctors are thoroughly educated on the specifics surrounding CBD oil or CBD pills, and often a patient shedding some light on such a new topic is enough to push them to research and learn more for themselves.

3. Advocate
It is just as much our job to advocate for yourself as it is your doctors to ensure he prescribed the right medications to his patients. If for any reason your doctor is reluctant to discuss CBD oil benefits or any other CBD products it can be helpful to hold your ground and engage in a conversation that needs to be had. If your healthcare provider refuses to help you, then you may have no other option but to find a new one, but there are repercussions for such actions and a doctor refusing medical treatment to a patient should be reported to save others from having the same struggle in the future.


4. Personalized information gathering
This one is slightly different than general research as the majority of what you learn through online searches will not pertain to your specific symptoms or conditions. It is common knowledge that CBD oil, tinctures, and CBD pills can be beneficial in various doses for a wide array of symptoms. What most do not know is the specific doses that have shown to help people who suffer from the same conditions that they have been diagnosed with. Try to find as many clinical studies on the benefits of CBD oil as you can. Ones that make references to the symptoms that you are currently struggling with. This will help you to build confidence and provide speaking points if the conversation isn’t going in the direction you were hoping for.

5. Take notes
This is possibly the most helpful tool in the arsenal of anyone who may be too nervous to bring up CBD treatments options with their healthcare provider. Notes are easy to refer to when you are put in the position of needing to advocate for yourself. Be sure to add any questions that you couldn’t find the answers for. A doctor's office isn’t really viewed as a comfortable place by most people so remembering this information even if you aren’t hesitant can help to make the whole appointment go smoother.



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