Meet you at the cannabis gym

Published Feb 19, 2019 02:00 p.m. ET

Fitness groups for regular or occasional weed smokers are a new up and coming business. Vancouver has such a cannabis gym; the fitness group also welcomes nonsmokers who have the mindset that cannabis can be a healthy addition to your lifestyle. These types of clubs are a little different than gyms that are not educational and cannabis-focused. The members regularly exercise and enjoy the outdoors. Cannabis gyms are anywhere they meet to run hike, paddle and climb. Cannabis is not supplied at the group gym. Smoking is not discouraged just not provided. The partaking is openly discussed as well as the different methods of consuming. Cannabis is discussed in length as to its ability to provide energy, muscle recovery, its ability to assist in better sleep. Members share education on how to consume cannabis safely and healthily in a comfortable environment.

Cannabis Fitness

Marijuana use in pre-workouts is becoming a common supplement in the athlete's workout.  The doses are what count and need to be adhered to for a cannabis fitness regime. The amount consumed before activity should not be the amount you do at the party. Micro-dosing is what you want this will give you a longer lasting relaxing mild high, keep you focused and relaxed for your workout. Microdosing will help you push through those last few reps. This is your cannabis fitness regime. Start small and build up to your tolerance. Too much could leave you feeling the opposite of what you intend the cannabis to do. You could end up lethargic and not in the right frame of mind for the workout.

Looking for a strain to use? Ill suggest a few different strains for a great workout at the gym. This is going to make all the difference for a marijuana workout.

XJ-13 is a hybrid with sativa effects. Great for that workout. Gives you a clear head for concentrating and demands you to move to the music. This strain will make you sweat.

Silver Haze is a sativa that is great for low-intensity workouts like yoga.

Trainwreck is a powerful sativa dominant strain that will keep you motivated. The social energy will be just what is needed for a great workout.


Cannabis After Workout

Post workout cannabis use is the best time for some athletes. The use of cannabis to aid in recovery is increasing in use. People are using edible and topicals along with tinctures, as part of there fitness regime. Tense, tired muscles are relieved with topical cannabis lotions. CBD infused rubs as part of a cannabis post workout is proven to help soothe the pain that comes with overworked muscles. These topical methods of using cannabis will not make you high. The active ingredient THC is not present. THC is responsible for the “high” feeling.

Whenever you introduce new things into your daily life, do it with care. Exercise needs to be monitored, and the addition of cannabis is no different.  Do some research choose the strains and choose your method of consuming cannabis.

Be proactive and purchase a few salves and rubs that will aid in the post workout. Workout finished you have earned that little special cookie on the counter.




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