Marijuana and coffee

Published Feb 16, 2019 10:28 p.m. ET

 It’s morning, and the fabulous aroma from the coffee that is brewing is amazing. Hold on is that marijuana I smell also? Coffee and weed effects are both great sensations to feel right in the morning, so why not pair them? It's a great combination to start the day. Coffee and marijuana, when used in combination have different effects than when used alone. Some people feel that the combination of the two is purely magical. Well hate to burst that concept, but there is some science involved.

Caffeine does not give you energy, we may have been told that is so, but what it really does is impede the receptors in the brain from receiving a chemical compound, this compound is responsible for the drowsiness feelings than we can experience. THC resembles a molecule that is connected to our creative euphoric thoughts and emotions. THC binds to these molecules. So, I think that smoking herb and drinking coffee is a win-win situation.

Weed Coffee

Kiva Espresso Dark Chocolate Bite is a single coffee bean that is dipped in THC, producing a thin layer of THC on the bean. This form of weed coffee is extremely potent. The caffeine value is a bit low, but you will be up and running for the morning with this coffee bean.

K-cups provide Catapult k-cup, this coffee will increase your energy but may leave you feeling a little on the high side.

Bulletproof Coffee supplies us with an oil-infused coffee. The taste does suffer, oil and water do not mix, and this comes through with the overall tasting experience.

Cold Brew products allow you to add your own tincture or oil to this cold coffee drink. The taste does suffer a bit with the combination of oil and water.


Brew Budz is a pre-made coffee that comes in three doses, 10mg 25mg, and 50mg sizes. This is a quick kicker with an intense buzz, no feelings of sleep or paranoia associated with this coffee.

The Guru’s Wake-up Call is a ground espresso. The effects of the caffeine are more predominant in this brand of infused coffee.

Lord Jones is a coffee chew great for those that don’t like to drink coffee but enjoy the taste. These chews are 20mg each. You will be pleasantly surprised with a mellow high and not too big of a caffeine kick.

Pot-o-Coffee is an iced coffee product that will leave you feeling relaxed and deliver that taste you appreciate from an iced coffee.

Smoking marijuana and drinking coffee can give us a euphoric feeling. I’m not sure that drinking coffee improves the high, however, drinking coffee while you are consuming cannabis may allow you to smoke less and maintain your high.



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