Making your weed wedding easier on guests

Published Feb 26, 2022 02:00 p.m. ET
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We’ve tossed around some fantastic ways to throw the weed wedding of your dreams. Though this is your special day, which should mean getting everything YOU want, once decisions are made and plans are ironed out, it’s a good idea to spend a little time focusing on those who will be there to witness this grand occasion.

Here you’ll find some weed wedding ideas that will help to ensure your guests are both safe and comfortable.

1. Pick a smoke-friendly venue

This one should be a given, but it’s more important than you might think to double-check the rules of your chosen venue. That is unless you want your toking guests to be forced to stand out on public sidewalks while they indulge. Ideally, you want a space that will allow free consumption of some type, even if it’s just drinks and edibles, paired with an accessible and comfortable outdoor seating area for the diehard tokers.

2. BYOW (bring your own weed)

It’s nice to offer guests a little special something for being there for you on this day, but it’s not your job to provide everyone with cannabinoids the whole day/night long. People know what they’re comfortable with, and if they bring their own green, then they’re much less likely to go overboard or consume something else in its place that might not sit right. This is the best way to ensure everyone feels at home and stays safe.

3. Respect the preferences of your guests

It would be nice to think that you’ll only invite those with a passion for the plant that matches your own, but unfortunately, that’s not a reality for most people who have someone close that turns down every opportunity to get stoned. This can still work, as long as you’re willing to go the extra mile for those who aren’t so 420-friendly. Offer booze, other drinks, non-infused food and a space where these folks can hang out without being suffocated by smoke. They’ll thank you for it!

4. Give plenty of warning on the invitations

If you’re going to have a cannabis wedding, then there’s no better time to make this clear than when you send out the invitations. Add pot leaf decals and let everyone know what’s in store. This makes it so that those who’d prefer to avoid this kind of scene can make an informed decision, which helps you to avoid angry guests arriving on your big day.

5. Make comfort a priority

When everyone's getting high, they’re eventually going to want somewhere to sit, and it’s nice when there are comfortable options that are structurally sound. Attendees with a low tolerance will have a place to recover, and everyone else will be able to sit back and relax once they’re too tired from dancing and socializing.


6. Layout clear boundaries at the beginning

If you’re lucky enough to find a venue to host a weed wedding, then it’s important you go the extra mile to make sure that everything goes according to the plan and rules of the facility. It’s easy to get carried away in this setting, especially if you’re not sure what to expect, so it’s a good idea to clear the air before everyone gets to the party. Lay out clear rules for tokers, infused goods, and it might even be a good idea to supply your own ashtrays to avoid leaving behind a mess.

7. Provided edible and beverage limits

Open bars are a common addition to traditional weddings, but when it comes to cannabis products, it’s safer to maintain limits. For many, drinks and edibles are a whole new world, and you don’t want anyone going overboard on your special night. So, offer a variety of low-dosed options, and maintain safe limits.

8. Don’t expect everyone to dress for the occasion

It’s hard to dress to impress at a normal wedding. Cannabis weddings take that a step further, so it’s important to keep your standards fair for attendees. Not everyone wants to dress in a pot leaf suit or bright green dress, so cut your guests some slack and let them choose what they wear instead. While it might not make for the best photo, it will certainly make them feel more comfortable.

9. Arrange rides home

More than 40% of those who smoke or drink choose to drive while under the influence, and that’s not a number you should willingly contribute to, so be a responsible host. Make plans in advance for everyone to get home so that you know your friends and family will make it back safely.

10. Just be yourself and have fun!

There’s a lot of pressure between coming up with weed wedding ideas that aren’t too tacky and the stress that seems to hit most people when they decide it’s time to get married. It’s a huge step, and there’s no reason to fear. This doesn’t have to be a magazine-worthy affair. Instead, focus on having the experiences and moments with the people and plants that you love. Go easy on yourself and be sure to have as much fun as possible along the way.

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