Luxury cannabis tools that every stoner should try

Published Jun 21, 2021 12:00 p.m. ET
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Now that the legal cannabis industry is growing, the offerings provided are evolving to an entirely new level. Instead of basic metal pipes, we’ve now got access to a variety of luxury cannabis tools and accessories that can make a world of difference in the quality of the whole experience. Of course, to some this just sounds like hype, especially if they’re satisfied with their current way of getting the job done, but that’s precisely why consumers should get out there and take every opportunity to try these products at least once. They might not all impress, but you are guaranteed to find something that blows your mind on this list.


The volcano has been around for a while, but until recently, its high price tag has scared off many consumers from the possibility of taking one for a test run. These days there are several different types of volcanos, with the longest existing designed by the Volcano brand to provide a unique vaping experience like no other. A volcano will turn massive hits into some of the smoothest clouds of smoke you’ve ever tasted, and it does it all with the push of a button, which means that you won’t have to keep sparking up that old Bic lighter anymore!

Electronic nectar collector

Nectar collectors are portable dab rigs that are designed vertically, using a straw in place of a mouthpiece and a high-quality quartz or titanium tip, which is heated to the ideal temperatures for vaping. In the old version, you’d have to use a torch to achieve the temperatures you needed, but these days, you can get several brands that include electronic switches that will do all of the guesswork for you. Once the tip hits some delicious concentrate, this portable device will vaporize it in an instant, making quick and efficient work of dabbing.


Most cannabis enthusiasts have a trusty rolling kit on hand, but your average storage receptacle likely doesn’t maintain strict control over things like temperature and humidity, both of which are required to keep your cannabis as fresh as possible. Though it might not seem like an overly functional addition to your collection, a humidor can make your weed taste better, stay stronger, and in general, just keep it fresher than any other storage option.

Electronic dab rig

The electronic dab rig is a fantastic new aged cannabis device that is gaining in popularity as they become more widely available to the average consumer, and though they are still quite expensive, which means a hefty investment, they’re more than worth it for avid dabbers. There are often no major irreplaceable glass pieces to break, and all it takes is a simple adjustment of settings and push of a button for perfect hits every single time. It really doesn’t get any better than that.

Filtered one-hitter

One-hitters have been around for ages, as they are one of the cheapest, most compact options for those looking for a similar experience to a regular pipe, but this new upgraded version offers a completely different experience. Older style pieces would deliver short bursts of smoke which could be harsh, resulting in a coughing fit that makes the less obvious method of delivery kind of pointless, especially when you need discretion. Luckily, the filtered one-hitter solved that problem, using air and particles to scrub the smoke before the user inhales, resulting in a much smoother hit.


If you’ve ever tried to sit and heat up a regular nail for dabbing, then you probably already know that it’s a whole lot harder than it sounds. Not only do you risk getting burnt, but finding the right temperature for the best hits is something that can take months, if not years of experience, trial, and error. Luckily for new aged cannabis enthusiasts, we now have access to the e-nail which can turn virtually any bong or dab right into an automatic delivery system that will provide consistent perfect temperatures no matter what, a lifesaver in particular for those who are just starting out, and now wanting to commit to the larger investment of an electronic dab rig.

Gold rolling papers

Most tokers have heard of regular white rolling papers, and the majority are also familiar with alternatives such as rice or hemp-based wraps, but not enough have had the opportunity to indulge in the luxury of gold rolling papers. Of course, these beauties don’t include any real gold which would never burn with the meager heat of a lighter flame, but the shine is something that you’ll never forget, and thanks to their all-natural making including hemp plants, you can enjoy them without having to worry about potential damages to your health. They are more expensive than the regular kind, however, most who’ve tried them say that’s it’s worth it for something different once in a while.

Menorah Bong

The menorah bong is an absolute delight and a skilled piece of artwork that was originally designed in homage to Hanukkah, a widely celebrated Jewish holiday. It features an impressive 8 bowls that are neatly aligned along the long base, resulting in an untippable glass piece that is incredible both to look at and to use. Unlike the other luxury suggestions on this list, the Menorah Bong is exclusively available through world-famous GRAV, lending even further notoriety to the glass masterpiece. Most who’ve used one say that the hits are crazy, but if you’re seeking a beautiful piece for the occasional indulgence, this could be it.

Water filtered vaporizer

There are a few different luxury water-filtered vaporizers on the market today, with the most notable being the Peak from Puffo. This modern piece is slim, elegant, and designed to aesthetically appease while delivering smooth hits by using water to clean the smoke, and it provides ideal settings for personalized seshes delivered exactly how you want them. If you’re a cannabis concentrate lover that wants a party suitable piece, then the water filtered vaporizer is where it’s at.

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