Key notes from a fellow cannabis enthusiast

Published Jan 10, 2022 02:00 p.m. ET
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There is nothing quite like first-hand experience with this glorious plant, as you’ll learn more than your fair share along the way. These are some of the most important lessons I’ve gathered as an enthusiast and professional in this incredible ever-evolving green space.

1. Patience is key

It's not uncommon to get dosing, method, or strain choice wrong right out of the gate, which is why it’s so important to be patient. It can be a lengthy process, but achieving the best experience is more than worth it.

2. Getting lit doesn't have to end in a hangover

Those who are new to cannabis don’t often realize that this plant is so much different from alcohol, and that is especially true when it comes to how you feel the next day. Hangovers are not impossible but also highly unlikely when you’re strictly using cannabinoids, which is amazing.

3. There is such a thing as too much

The saying too much of a good thing is truer in cannabis than almost anywhere else, as a small dose might leave you feeling wonderful, and one that’s too big could easily impair, sedate, or trigger a rash of uncomfortable feelings and sensations that are hard to recover from. That’s why we always say, start low and go slow!

4. Terpenes can significantly influence a cannabis experience

The power of terpenes is rarely discussed in the consumer world, but experts and cannabis enthusiasts are looking to change that by raising awareness. In some cases, these elements can be just as potent as THC, so as you can imagine, knowing how to harness this is a real benefit for everyone.

5. Cannabis users come from all walks of life

Hippie stoners have long been the stereotype, but once you’ve traveled in a few 420-friendly cannabis circles, it doesn’t take long to realize how wrong that assumption is. Consumers of all ages and financial backgrounds exist including those in suits as well as the few that choose to dawn flowers while boasting about peace and love – it’s a really great mix!

6. Buying weed doesn't have to be uncomfortable

Buying cannabis used to mean making an exchange in a private location, oftentimes in a person's basement or unlit parking lot, and that’s sketchy, but no longer is it the norm. Stores these days tout a more modern approach utilizing everything from the most up-to-date technology to unique décor to offer a much more professional interaction that is both comfortable and educational.

7. There is no one size fits all approach

What works for you or me isn’t necessarily going to be a reasonable solution for everyone else, and that’s ok. This is something you just have to accept as every person’s wants and needs are individual and unique.

8. Experimentation is a part of the experience

It would be nice to think you could dive into this with a perfect prediction of what’s to come, but the reality is that most recreational and medicinal consumers take weeks, months and sometimes years to find the products, dose, and methods that work for them. To find it, we need to experiment as safely as possible, and the process isn’t always bliss.

9. Relationships can be built from this

Unlike most substances that seem to cultivate fear, broken and in general unhealthy relationships, cannabis can help us to grow, bond, and evolve into personal and professional unions.

10. Growing isn't as easy as it sounds

Plant a seed they said. It’ll be easy they said. The trouble is getting a good yield with minimal knowledge. Though it’s not impossible, it’s highly unlikely that beginners will see much success with research, dedication, and the facts when it comes to things like light exposure and nutrition. Cannabis plants make a great addition to any home or garden, but it’s not as simple as so many would have you think to grow well.

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