Introducing Expedition Wellness: The Journey to Optimal Health

Published Feb 15, 2020 04:26 p.m. ET
Family Day
Family Day

As some of you may know, Cannabis.Wiki continues to look for new and original content as Cannabis.Wiki presents Expedition Wellness, a new podcast featuring Gerald Major.

Expedition Wellness will be discussing all things cannabis from a patient perspective and will document Gerald’s journey through Wellness.

This Family Day Weekend, Gerald wanted to kick off Expedition Wellness by doing
something a little different. This will be a cannabis family friendly event, as Gerald
wanted to educate others about his lifestyle, while showing how he does things, why he does things and in hopes of others benefiting from his life lessons. Bring your active wear, as we encourage all to participate in various learning activities; Krav, Spin, Adaptive Resistance Training and more.


Join us this Monday, February 17 th @ the Hampton Inn (Energy Fitness Studio) for a day of Canna Wellness and Learning.



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