How to use marijuana to get through your chores in a fun and light way

Published Jul 6, 2019 12:44 p.m. ET
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The stereotypical stoner is one that lacks motivation, so the idea that the effects of marijuana could somehow help in defeating their to-do list is a relatively strange idea for many. However, there are several different ways that you can utilize the effects of very specific cannabis strains to increase your productivity, pass time, and overall, make the experience of getting the dirty work done all the more enjoyable. Here you will find a step by step guide on how to garner the more energizing and uplifting benefits from cannabis, without the couch locked high.

Make a list

One of the less avoidable side effects of marijuana includes short term memory troubles, and that can lead to being easily distracted and or sidetracked. It is much easier to clean an entire room at a time than it is to slowly drift around, leaving tasks half finished. It helps to create a list that is organized by area and the size of the task. Starting with smaller chores and slowly working your way up, can help each one to pass faster than tackling the most extensive and most daunting right off the hop. This list should be carried with you into each room so that it is easy to check things off as you go. Having a pen and paper handy can also be helpful for writing down small tasks that you remember along the way so that you remember to get them done later on.

Roll a good joint

Now that you have your list covered, you will need to start with the right fuel for the tasks at hand. As we mentioned before, there are several different effects that some strains will provide that don’t necessarily pair well with staying motivated. Instead of selecting a particular strain for potency or taste, you will want to research the most commonly reported sensations before making a final decision. Some strains will leave you with a couch locked high that might steal away precious motivation, but others provide a lighter, more energetic high that lasts for hours, and improves your mood and endurance. If you need help finding the perfect strain for the job, then check out the list of high energy marijuana strains at the end of this article.

Turn on some upbeat music

Music has been used as a motivational tool for centuries, and a good reason. The right music can help you to feel more awake, energized, and motivated. It can also enhance a person’s ability to step outside their mind. Getting lost in some catchy lyrics and moving your body throughout the house to a groovy beat works without the effects of marijuana. Add in the heightened sense of hearing, and other perception altering qualities of cannabis, and the entire experience will go by faster, and you will likely clean longer than you would to the silence that only amplifies your thoughts.


Light some incense

Aromatics can be another excellent motivator. Certain scents are much more useful than others, and some can have a more therapeutic or sedating result. The effects of marijuana are known to heighten senses like smell, which means pulling out the right aroma might be the extra fuel you need to make it through your chore list. Coffee, peppermint, jasmine, lemon, orange, grapefruit, rosemary, cinnamon, and eucalyptus are all safe bets, so pick up an incense stick or scented candle, and enjoy the natural benefits of nature combined.

High energy cannabis strains

A lot of people assume that Sativa is the most invigorating marijuana strains, but that isn’t always the case. We aren’t entirely sure why each type of cannabis can produce such a variety of effects, but a combination of terpenes and hundreds of different cannabinoids perform this magic. If you search for strains that include one of the aromas listed above, then you will find that many are more uplifting, but not every citrus strain is energizing, so it is essential to do your homework before making a purchase. To help get you started, we have included ten motivating marijuana strains to help you tackle any chore list.

  1. 8 Ball Kush
  2. Alice in Wonderland
  3. Blue Trainwreck
  4. Chocolope
  5. Green Lantern
  6. Pandora’s Box
  7. Super Lemon Haze
  8. Venice OG
  9. White Durban
  10. Zen
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