How to use CBD to get yourself into the workout groove

Published Jul 30, 2019 12:13 p.m. ET
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CBD has impressive anti-inflammatory qualities that have effectively helped to relieve that after workout pain as well as shorten the recovery time that happens after that mammoth workout. Could CBD help you to get in that workout groove?

Getting into the workout groove

Working out is somewhat dependent on being motivated. Whether it is to show off our new outfit or to try out the new equipment we purchased online, perhaps it’s that newly advertised supplement, the one guaranteed to produce results (as per the advertisement that persuades us to believe) or it could be to help with weight loss goals, something is needed to get us into that groove.

Well in Canada CBD edibles are ready to join the legal recreational market at the end of the year. Will this be the one to encourage you to last longer than a week at the expensive gym you joined?

How CBD aids in exercising

CBD's attraction for the athlete or workout enthusiast is the energy boost that is supplied. Some refer to this cannabinoid as a promoting agent for stirring up the energy required for your workout to last a bit longer. The Anti-inflammatory qualities help to reduce the muscle stiffness and reduce the inflammation that can occur during the workout.

The hormone Cortisol is released when we are stressed and is released when an individual exercise. If CBD is used before a workout session, it will help to reduce cortisol.

Cortisol is the enemy for muscle tone and can be the reason you are having trouble defining those muscles that you work so hard to define. CBD counters the effects of cortisol, helping you to retain that hard-earned muscle mass.

For the health-conscious workout individual, perhaps smoking marijuana is not the best method for using CBD to help give you energy and drive for that workout but CBD edibles could be the perfect pre-workout supplement needed.


Other methods of taking CBD for your pre-workout can include:

• Tinctures used sublingually are a popular method of consuming for a pre-workout supplement. Take your tincture about 20 minutes before your workout
• Capsules easy to take but needs longer for action to take place. The CBD has to metabolize before it is active. This could take up to an hour. This method is not suitable for the wake-up and exercise person.
• Vaping CBD oil is the fastest method for receiving the benefits. When inhaling CBD through vaping the effects are almost immediate. An excellent way to use just before you walk through those gym doors.

CBD comes from cannabis but will not produce the highs that THC, another popular compound of the cannabis plant, will do.

CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system we all have in our make-up. CBD helps to crisp up what our endocannabinoid system already does. No rush of “highness” will be felt; however, you can expect to feel energized and more focused. A perfect combination for the workout ahead of you.

CBD is also beneficial to use after your workout if there is muscle stiffness. You may find that the best method for post-exercise is CBD lotions or rubs applied to the sore muscle directly.

Remember, edibles need to be respected, and one should follow the green rule of low and slow.

The effects of marijuana use, especially CBD infused supplements, maybe showing up in the gym coolers soon, just another reason to join the gym.

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