How to turn 5 popular drinking games into cannabis fueled fun

Published Aug 2, 2020 11:00 a.m. ET
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Drinking has long been more socially acceptable than cannabis which is why you’ll find so many more fun drinking games than you will those that were originally designed to use with weed, but that’s ok because, with just a few minor tweaks, it doesn’t take much to turn these adult games into cannabis-themed versions that are perfect for keeping guests entertained at any gathering or party.

1. Flip the cup

Flip the cup is one of the most popular drinking games out there right now thanks to social media and TikTok, but if you've seen how fast the videos go, then you might be wondering what the rules of the game are, and how they could be compatible with cannabis.

How to play with weed:

  1. To begin, you’ll need two 8oz plastic cups, 6 popsicle sticks, and some cannabis in your choice of device per pair of players, and there can be more than one pair going at any given time.

  2. Line up the cups by placing them base down on the edge of the table, and then set the popsicle sticks in a line between the players with the packed device resting in the very middle space.

  3. Both players should start at the same time, and the goal is to flip the cup onto its narrow base with one push from the edge of the table. To do this successfully, the cup must flip around entirely and land perfectly, so it can take a few tries before anyone gets it.

  4. After the initial start, both players should be racing to flip their cup as many times as possible, and the moment that either one gets it, the device should move one space in the opposite direction, so closer to the other player.

  5. The goal of the game is to get the device to cross the final popsicle stick, which means that the other player has to stop and smoke it before resetting the board and moving onto the next round. This game can be played endlessly as many times as you like and with multiple players.

2. Never Have I Ever

This game can be played in a room full of your closest pals, and it’s one of the few adult games that allows you to learn more about everyone you invited as you all get stoned together.

How to play with weed:

  1. To begin, one person needs to start by saying ‘never have I ever’ followed by something that they’ve never done.

  2. Players who have done it need to take a long haul of cannabis, which is a quiet confirmation that they’re guilty.

  3. This can continue through every single person in the room, until everyone has had a turn, and it can be continued until players start to drop out just because they can’t take anymore, or once you feel that you’ve uncovered enough deep dark secrets for one day.

3. Straight Face

This is one of the best drinking games on this list to compliment with a little bit of cannabis because it boasts a whole bunch of laughs which is something that pot is notorious for doing too. Since the whole idea is to avoid laughing, it’s going to be a struggle, but you’ll also have a blast while you do it, which makes the challenge more than worthwhile.

How to play with weed:

  1. To start, you will need to get everyone involved by doling out small pieces of paper for everyone to write their hilarious sayings and ideas on. It’s a good idea to have at least 50 or so per every 8-10 people so that you can keep playing for a while before you have to make up new ones again because each card will lose its spontaneity once it's been drawn.

  2. Once all players have filled out their portion of the papers, they will all go into some kind of container or hat.

  3. Each player will take turns pulling a piece of paper from the hat, and if they laugh while they read it out loud to the room, then they’ve lost, and as a result, they need to take at least 3 hits from your chosen device.

  4. Keep going around the circle with each player pulling one card at a time until they’ve all been drawn, and as you go, make sure that the losers keep their papers for the last and final count of points.

  5. Each kept paper is one point, and the one with the most should be challenged to do something crazy, like inhale as much of a bowl as they possibly can in one shot. Then you can move on to a different game or set up new funny cards to play again.

4. Pennies

This is one of the oldest adult games based on drinking, but it’s yet another one that is perfectly compatible with cannabis products.


How to play with weed:

  1. To play pennies, you can use either a plastic cup or a pitcher but do your best to avoid glass because it can and will eventually shatter.

  2. Each player gets a penny, and the goal is to bounce it off the table so that it lands in the chosen container. Players should make their toss one at a time, and those who score a point don’t have to take a hit and anyone who doesn’t just keep on toking until they do.

  3. You can go around the circle until everyone is either so stoned that they can’t bear the thought of another hit, or until they get bored, and that’s why it makes for a great way to pass a fair amount of time.

5. Ride the Bus

This is one of the most fun drinking games that utilizes cards, which is probably why it’s one of the most popular on this list, and it’s also really easy to covert the rules of the game into something that is compatible with a great evening of smoking cannabis.

How to play with weed:

  1. First, you must assign one person in the group as the dealer, and once you’ve decided who it is, they should shuffle the deck well before turning to the first player and asking the first question.

  2. The first question is really easy, is it red or is it black in reference to the card that’s about the be drawn from the top of the deck. It’s now player one’s turn to guess, and if they’re right, the next person in line is up, but if they’re wrong, then they need to take a long haul off a bong, joint or pipe in reparation. Each person should hold their cards while you move around the circle.

  3. By the time you’re done, everyone in the circle, aside from the dealer, should have had the chance to guess the color of a card, which means that everyone should have one dealt card in their possession, and then it’s on to round two.

  4. In the second round, the dealer will return to the first player and ask them if they believe the next card that they’ll draw will be higher or lower than the card in their possession.

  5. As you might have guessed, if they’re right, it’s the next players' turn and so on and so forth, but if they’re wrong, it’s time for them to take a hit from your choice of device.

  6. After all the players have had a chance to guess, leaving them holding two cards, the dealer can move onto round three, which is yet another question. Will the cards fall inside or outside of the two that you currently hold?

  7. If the card has the identical value of either of the player's card, then the dealer must reshuffle and redraw to allow them a second guess, but if it doesn’t, and they guess wrong, then they need to take another hit, but if they’re right, as with other rounds, the metaphorical torch is passed through the rest of the players.

  8. This is the last round that needs to be dealt, and the question that needs to be asked is what suit player one believes will be the next card pulled from the stack. The odds are not in the player's favor at this point, with only a 1 in 4 chance, so this often works as a kind of victory lap for anyone who was so good that they haven't had a hit yet. Move through all of the participants just like in the previous rounds, and then it will be time to move onto phase two of the game.

  9. Everyone should be keeping their cards secret from one another, and while they sit in anticipation, the dealer will build a pyramid of cards that are faced down, with 5 at the bottom, and 4 in the next row, and so on until they get to a row with only one card.

  10. The dealer should now begin flipping cards starting at the bottom corner of the pyramid, and if at anytime a player has a matching valued card, they can place it on top of the pyramid piece, which forces all members involved aside from the winning player to take a toke.

  11. Multiple cards can be flipped over at any given time, to double up on the punishment hits, or one at a time until they have all been turned over.

  12. Once the whole pyramid has been destroyed, it’s time for phase three, which is called riding the bus, and it’s where all of the players compare the number of cards that they have left in their possession. The one who's left holding the most cards is the only one who moves on to the final phase of this game, which is riding the bus.

  13. The riding the bus phase begins with 10 downfaced cards spread out across the table, and the dealer will flip only one at a time. If they expose a card with a number, then nothing happens, but if a jack is exposed, one hit must be taken, and if it’s a queen, then two, a king three, and an ace adds up to four total hits. Once all of the cards are upturned, the deck can be shuffled, and the game can either end or start all over again.

Mix it up

If a hit or three isn’t quite enough of a challenge for you and your friends, then you can always up the ante by using edibles, tincture, or even distillate for a much more potent hit, and a whole lot more of an intense experience for the losing players of any of these drinking games.

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