How to throw a weed party on a tight budget

Published Apr 16, 2021 12:00 p.m. ET
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Throwing a smoker-friendly party is often advertised in ways that look really expensive, and of course, they can be, but you don’t have to break the bank to host a gathering with your friends this 420 or any other day. It might take some careful planning while ensuring to include all of the best guests and features, however, it can definitely be done, and we’re going to show you a few ways that might help you to pull it off in style.

1. Tell everyone that it’s BYOW

It would be nice if we could all afford to throw a big weed party that included an endless buffet of joints and bowls for everyone who attends, but unless you grow cannabis at home, this is an idea that is likely to remain a dream and that’s ok. Stoners have long been supplying their own pot products when alone or in a circle of friends, so it should be no big deal to make clear that yours is a BYOW event. That doesn’t mean that you should avoid providing all 420 related things, but it will help to take the pressure off.

2. Host an edible potluck

Potlucks are always a lot of fun because you get to taste and experience the culinary skills of your friends while showcasing your own, and it’s a cost-effective way to feed a crowd. Though it might help to assign certain types of edibles dishes to ensure a wide variety of options for the meal, for the most part, everyone else will do most of the hard work and foot a good chunk of the expense. Feeding people even at the most low-key gatherings adds up, but this way everyone will pitch in, and you’ll get a feast.

3. Require a donation to a communal “pot”

This might happen either before your weed party in preparation for the grand event or at the time that everyone arrives for fun. Either way, it can be a very good idea to ensure that there is at least some cannabis to go around, which will help out attendees who might be running a bit short. You might want to turn this into servable edible or just a giant bowl for everyone to “take one” from as the night goes on. If only one person were to fill it, that’d be expensive, whereas a community pot can stretch a few dollars each.

4. Go virtual

Virtual events have been gearing up to be the way of the future, and though some of us were thrust into this idea less than willingly, it’s an interesting opportunity that allows people to connect from all around the world safely. An online weed party doesn’t need an expensive venue, and it completely negates the host of any responsibility to provide anything outside of an active link to an interactive platform. Less stress and less cost add up to savings that are more than worth considering.

5. Maintain a short guest list of people you can count on

Even with so-called requirements, we all know that not everyone who partakes is going to be able to contribute in a meaningful way, and this alone isn’t a good enough reason to exclude your best friend from the smoker-friendly gathering you’ve got planned, but this is why it’s important to choose guests who will participate and engage as much as possible. Most of the ideas on this list only work if most who attend do their parts, so try your best to invite the reliable 420 friends who you can depend on to help or just to get involved.

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