How To Shop For CBD Skincare Products in Canada

Published Dec 7, 2022 11:27 a.m. ET
Source: Nuveev

A Guide On What To Buy and Where To Buy It

What Is CBD Skincare?

Up until the past decade or so, CBD was not widely understood by the general public. These days more and more people know that CBD can have many positive, non-psychoactive, benefits including for our skin. Unfortunately there are products available to Canadians that can be confused with non-CBD or unregulated, untested CBD. Our aim is to provide you with a starting point for how to empower yourself to understand CBD skincare and, where to find lab tested, Health Canada approved CBD skincare products.

How Can CBD Skincare Benefit You?

The benefits of CBD infused skincare are felt regardless of race, gender and age. While we are at the very beginning of scientific study of how and what CBD supports. Yet, even with preliminary data, there are a few specific skincare challenges that CBD does seem to support, including:


A 2014 study showed that CBD can be effective in preventing acne by restricting the growth of cells that cause oily skin. Both topical and ingested CBD seem to be helpful in preventing and treating acne. CBD is also known to have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal properties which may help reduce breakouts.


While there needs to be more studies on people, there are both indications from some studies and anecdotal experience that CBD creams and topical gels can reduce inflammation. For folks with arthritis, there’s some indication that topical CBD can reduce the inflammation that causes painful flairs but there needs to be more research before we know for sure.


Especially during Canada’s long, cold winters our skin can dry out and even crack. With conditions like dry skin or eczema, CBD has been shown to be effective in reducing inflammation and itching. More research is needed but there is some momentum building that CBD can support dry skin among other dermatological challenges.

Hemp Seed Oil vs CBD Oil

One common misconception with consumers is the difference between Hemp Seed Oil (HSO) and CBD Oil. While HSO has been legally added to skincare and beauty products for some time, only government licensed retailers are permitted to sell skin care products with CBD or other cannabinoids. If you find yourself unsure if you’re buying HSO or CBD based skincare, check for the Health Canada approved stamp on the product. If it doesn’t have one it may be Hemp Seed or possibly from an illicit source.


Buying Regulated vs Unregulated Products

Unless you’re buying from licensed provincial retailers or websites there’s no way you know for sure the source of CBD in your skincare products. While the price might be cheaper, you might be missing out on the following benefits of purchasing legal cannabis products:

Third Party Tested

If you’re buying CBD skincare products from the legal cannabis market, you can be sure that licensed CBD producers are required to submit their products to independent testing. This adds an extra layer of protection for the consumer vs unverified, untested products from the illicit market.

CBD Content

All Health Canada approved CBD skincare products are required to display the CBD content contained. As a consumer this empowers you to be able to compare between products and brands more easily. It doesn’t mean the products with the highest CBD percentage are the best. However, having this vital information can help you find out which products work for you.

Child Resistant Packaging

Even though CBD is non-psychoactive it might not be safe for pets and children depending on dosage. With products bought from the legal CBD market, there is a requirement that child resistant packaging be used.

Where To Shop For CBD Skincare

Unfortunately you won’t be able to find these products at your favourite department store or beauty counter. However, you can find a variety of regulated CBD skincare products online or instore via your province's licenced retailers.

Want To Learn More About CBD Skincare? We’ve only begun to scratch the surface on how best to shop for and use CBD skincare products. If you want to continue your skincare empowerment journey with self-study we recommend checking out The Beauty Blog. If you’re more into a relevant and approachable community vibe be sure to visit NU Beauty School. We have free, community masterclasses on various skincare empowerment topics. Book your spot today!


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