How to roll a joint that looks like a UFO

Published Aug 16, 2019 11:00 a.m. ET
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Most cannabis enthusiasts are well past the point of learning how to smoke weed and are now seeking a bit more of a challenge to keep the experience exciting. Learning how to roll a joint that is this unique does require some prior skills with rolling papers, and it is not recommended for beginners. Here, you will find a step by step instructions needed on how to roll a blunt that looks just like a UFO that is ready to take off into space. Impress your friends or do it for the challenge. Remember to be patient and have fun!

You will need

·         16 marijuana rolling papers

·         7 grams of weed

·         6-8 glue strips (or blunt glue)

·         Cone paper

·         Joint filter

·         Weed grinder


1. To begin, you will need to build a base for the UFO. To do so, take 6 rolling papers and gently layer them on top of each other, with the centers of the papers overlapping to create a jagged circle. You might want to wait to stick them, until you are certain of their placement, as even spacing is best for a consistent burn. Once the base looks symmetrical, you can glue the papers together as you re-stack them in the same pattern.

2. Give the papers a few minutes to dry before continuing onto each step, as there is nothing worse than getting halfway through a masterpiece, only to have it all fall apart. Once dried, the glue will set and add the necessary strength to the joint.

3. Get another 6 rolling papers to go around the edges of your platform. Line the papers along the edges, using the glue strips overlapping the base as a guide for placement. The idea is to create an evenly, large looking circle, by placing the second row of papers facing the opposite direction. There will be small gaps between each one this time, so it will appear slightly different when this layer is finished. Once everything looks even, stick them into place with a small amount of moisture.

4. Use a grinder to grind all the cannabis and use it to fill the cone paper. ( If you don’t have a preformed one on hand, then you can always roll one yourself from regular joint papers) Don’t forget to fill it to the end and install a filter to keep any falling bud grind out of your mouth.

5. Place the wider end of the cone roll into the center of the round paper base you have built. This portion will act as a handle, so you might want to make some adjustments by pulling it out a bit to keep the UFO joint stronger.

6. Add all but 1gram of herb grind to the roll, by dumping it into the center of the base, overtop of the cone roll, and spreading it around. Add a bit more at this point, to make the UFO bottom as thick as the cone for consistent burning. The bud should stay within the edges of the first layer of papers, as the outer ones will be used to wrap the sides in the next step.

7. Fold each of the papers that are still sticking inwards, to wrap up the fresh pile of weed grind. A small amount of pressure should be enough to hold everything into place.

8. Use 1 rolling paper to cover the exposed portions of cannabis. Use your hands to apply pressure and stick the paper into place using a glue strip or blunt glue.

9. Begin forming the window portion of the UFO joint. To do this, use 3 papers and a couple of glue strips or blunt glue. Set 1 paper on top of the base and use your thumb and forefinger to draw the tips together, which will create a small bubble. Once you have the placement figured out, affix them permanently with a bit of moisture.


10. Take a second paper and align with the first, then move it slightly from the center. This will lengthen the width of the top window that is covered. By the time you are finished, there should be a small hole left open that is no wider than one paper.

11. Use the remaining weed grind to fill the empty bubble, ensuring to pack it in just as well as you did with the base.

12. Seal the UFO window with one final paper and a glue strip or blunt glue.

13. Let the whole thing dry for at least 10 minutes before smoking, as the structure will remain weak until the glue hardens completely.

Sci-fi cannabis strains to complete this UFO smoking experience

Now that you know how to roll a joint in the shape of a mini spacecraft, it seems only fitting to dress up this cannabis roll with some high-profile sci-fi strains that were inspired by some of the worlds most popular science fiction movies and shows:

·         Transformer

·         Death Star OG

·         Master Yoda

·         Dr. Who

·         Darkside OG

·         Skywalker OG

·         Darth Vader OG

·         The Doctor

·         Romulan

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